This is Wednesday, March 5, 2014!
It’s my casual Wednesday off filled with a lot of boring cleaning house things. But also! Fake candy sushi, friends, cooking and of course lots and lots of adorable dogs. Enjoy!

I got to sleep in on my Wednesday off. SO NICE TO WAKE UP LATE AHHHH.
And of course the first thing I see is Tweedy’s fat face.

Leisurely Tweedy cuddles for another 10 minutes.

I chug my usual leftover bedtime water.

LOOK no cars. 🙂 Hehehe everybody is at work. Day off feels good.

I love how horrifying my green bathroom paint job is…
Aveeno foaming cleanser yee hee.

Time to get my shiz together.

Trying out the house blend (twas on sale)

There’s some leftover yummy wet food that of course Tweedy was ALL OVER IT.
Sufi has been acting shy and weird the last few days, he barely peeped his face in the kitchen when I took it out of the fridge.

Mr. Tweedy ALL over it.

Weirdo Sufi kept running away from his nice food. What the heck, Sufz!!!!!!!!!!!1
Tweedy kept getting his nose in it so I had to leave Sufi alone with his food in my work room.

So it’s a big day of cleaning, let’s get the background noise rolling.

BUT FIRST! Breakfast. Leftovers.
I made these savory cheese, green onion and bacon pancakes the night before. Breakfast for dinner on Pancake Day!


A true breakfast. Tweedy is so incredibly jealous.

Glamour shots for an egg like that.

Trill moments on TBS

The face of a generation

Okay…last photo. 🙂

Heard some scratching…OOPS Sufi was still locked in the workroom with a clean plate! Yay!

Sufi finally joins me in the living room.

Avoiding cleaning.
New song/album by the lead singer of former Girls. RIP Girls (the band).

Distract Tweedy with a treat so I can start on my to do list.


Scrub scrub scrub

Yeah…grease stains on the stove. NASTY!!!!!!!!!!! But now all gone.

Schweep schweep schweep

Alright! 2 check marks done.

I ruined my beloved camp shirt. 😦

I change into my favorite horrible flip flops and move around some furniture in the living room when BAM…
here’s where all the hair is hiding. Whew.

Cleaning to HGTV is very motivating.

FASCINATING day, I’m sure you’re all thinking.
Yes. Can you believe…laundry…was done.

Under all the cushions and couch I found my kitty house slippers I got in little Tokyo. Extra hair.
Alyssa and I have matching ones.

I look like a ghostly wrinkly potato hahaha but YAY THE LIVING ROOM IS CLEAN

Why am I showing my horrible bathroom to the internet? Well, I’m only human I suppose.
Honestly, I’ve tried bleach and clorox, how do I get rid of the stained grout?!?!??!?!? MAGIC?!?!

Two more checks!

Did my best with the grout. Maybe the magic eraser?

So three rooms cleaned, I take a little break to have a snack

Depressed Sufi sits next to me

A lil’ Greek yogurt for funsies

Sufi is now ready to help tackle my mountain of clothes in the bedroom

Yeah, so these clothes…
I have a suitcase from SF I haven’t unpacked. I’ve been living out of it and also slowly leaving piles of clothing in the living room.
So. Time to hang it up.

Mr. Catbus watches over

I place my mirror from Target.
Now I can see what my outfits actually look like!

I answer some comments, watch a bit of Emmy and watch Sufi gaze into his future.


This is the best place to kiss Sufi

So I cleaned all the rooms I set out to…time for a little treat.
Popin cookin sushi time!

Look at the fluffy rice! Ahh!

Look! These were all once little packets and with a bit of magic they have become ingredients for my sushi candies.
(Take note of the ikura balls, so amazing

Ikura, tamago, maguro, and a chirashi! All miniature!

I don’t have all the skills…but they are pretty cute.

It wasn’t the best tasting but man it was cute.

Clean up time. C’mon Sarah. Get it together.

Ah, fresh jammies.

I wanted a little snack.
Provolone cheese and salami on toast!

Evening has come already!?

SO Sufi’s weird behavior is too much. Called the vet to make an appointment.
I’m suspecting that his hip comes out of socket…

I finally finish my last SF weekend update.


Oops. Cut my bangs too short. And a bit crooked.

I’m working on a few more kickstarter watercolor cards as thank yous to episodes of Malcolm in the Middle of course.

Total rudimentary drawing and painting skills.

Sleepy Tweedy

I edit some photographs of a friend’s paintings for her website.

I love my little reading nook.

I got the physical copy of the art mag that I worked the event for last week.
I read the articles I didn’t catch online.

I guess I should change out of pajamas, right Tweedy?

Beanie for your Wednesdays

Dramatic night sky

Quick pit stop at Ralph’s.
I pass these little Bamba bags, I recognize these from an EmmyMadeinJapan video!!!!!!!!

Beer, shrimp chips and “Crazy mix”

The “appetizers” are well received.

Marie had peeps over to test her Japanese cooking skills.
SO HAPPY to be in that test group.

Yummy pork and garlic and miso

A noodle ball the size of Jordan’s head

Boys talkin’ to boys
Girls talkin’ to girls

Alyssa glam

We’re all ready for the fooooood

Kirk is jealous to miss the girl mirror pic

Sweet seasoned pork on delicious noodles. Yummm.

Food is here, bring out the sake!


Slurp it like one your anime

Chattin’ and chillin’

Kirk convinces us all to play a game

So the game has three rounds. But before you play everybody writes 5 “things” on paper.
1) First Round: Teams take turns describing the word/phrase until 45 seconds runs out. Then take score.
2) Second Round: (Same words in the hat) Teams take turns miming the words on the paper. Take score.
3) Third Round: (Same words in the hat) Teams take turns describing the card in ONE word. Take score.

The end!

Of course gotta take some miming action shots

Clean up time!
Thanks for a great night, Marie!

Look who is excited to have me home!

Sleepy teeth brushing


This is basically the last episode I can find online wahhhh.

Retainer in, Sarah out.

Much love friends!

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