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My Week in Photos: March 3 – March 9!
A week of a LOT of food (as usual?), Tubby's visit, Rachel's visit, a journey to make an edible arrangement and lots of photoshoots at work. Also it's been ridiculously sunny so goodbye sweaters. Enjoy!

Happy Monday, everybody!

I was lucky to spend a lot of Monday morning in the gardens shooting some footage of the flowers.

Quite the assortment of snacks in the staff kitchen.
Cheese. Yeah. I had some.

Steve, my kind co-worker, keeping me company in the garden.

Perfect panorama. Nailed it.

The clouds were like…ridiculously awesome.

A very dedicated parent with a phone number for cookies on the back of the car.

Sampler platter from Guisados. DON'T MIND IF I DO.

Good morning Mr. Tweedz. Starting to get pretty muppety.

Exiting the freeway. You can see the Getty up there on the top of the hill. Foggy afternoon.

The opposite sky from last night.

Foggy mornings make me feel foggy.

Today it's my turn to help Steve with some shooting in the galleries.

Still pretty foggy, can't quite see out to Downtown LA

Pre-opening emptiness

Magic hour before my walk down the hill

Grocery time, for real

It's Pancake day! I thought I'd try a savory version since I'm not really a sweet breakfast person.

The completed look. Glamorous. Model it, egg.

Wednesday off, Fresh Prince emotions. REMEMBER HOW GOOD THIS SHOW WAS!

Clean kitchen!

Clean living room, with guitars that are not mine.

Trying to clean the bathroom

HELLO cute pups.

My glorious popin cookin messed up sushi. Sigh. Emmy does it better.

Me vs. pug
Bangs trimmed a little too short. Oh well!

Bangs are all scraggly.

Meeting in the Research Institute.

Peanut cookie and coffee, what a treat

Made this scary drawing of Alyssa for…

Made it into a party invitation

Lovely evening near the tram platform.

I had a bunch of ground turkey I cooked up with taco seasoning

Hey there turkey tacos!


I went to Lush to buy some facial cleanser that Aryn recommended to me. But they had run out! So I just smelled all the soaps…

Marizpan! So cute. I've never had it…but boy it's lovely to look at.

The Candy Baron full of opportunity!

I made some props at work for some pictures

Natural habitat.

I make a sign for a staff get together this coming Monday

I went home to South Pas after work on Friday

What a treat to see the kittehs

Oh what a boy!

Rachel and Kristen came over so we could all go dinner together in Pasadena.

Love when your friends are taking turns making weird faces to come out with 2 weird photos.

After dinner we meet up with some friends from high school at Barney's Beanery.

Friends being friends SHOCKR

Another bar? Okay…


One more bar? Okaaay…
I guess this officially is classed as 'bar hoppin'

It's so fun to embarrass him.

The most angelic boy

He's just the best

Barriers. But they still keep each other comfy.

Oh special boy

Our neighbor dropped off some fresh sashimi…what luck! Nom nom

I made these with my ma for my edible arrangement.


My sweet best friend, Yoko


Found this adorable book at a comic book store.

Did my deed and waited a whole hour for the Boiling Crab

Garlic and lemon and spice and oh m g.

Blockheads treat!

Oh haaaay

I brought Tubby back to my place and hung out with him in the work room where he was safe from the pups.

We slept in the workroom together on my little futon.

This room gets direct sunlight in the morning. It was very bright.

Oh yeah, Rachel is in town. Didn't really call that out earlier, but today is her last day! So we went to the Farmer's Market.
Check out that plate.

Testicle kiwis

Stopped by a new nursery to get some foam for the Edible Arrangement

Happy to have found the succulent area

Camera glitch

Found Tubby in hiding

Oh hay, we're just hanging

Tubby being inspired

Sara stops by to borrow the pups for the afternoon.

Then I headed to Marie's, where I get started on my cute pineapple flowers!!!!

Hanging decorations for Alyssa's surprise party

Look how adorable the spread is!
Marie put together all the decoration and food and wine and flowers and I made that shitty edible arrangement…haha


And Tubby! The big surprise for Alyssa

And *whew* that's the week! Lot of photos…sorry for the delay!

Much love friends.

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By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog

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