Sunday, February 16 – DAY 3 in the Bay!
A journey to find a brunch spot, icecream and a spot to lounge in the sunshine with beer. Yeah – it’s a day of eating, drinking and being merry! Goodbye to the bay and my dear friends. Enjoy.

For easy reference:
Day 1
Day 2

Everybody was really sleepy on Sunday morning.
I commanded that we should all get up and go into the city early to wander around, but of course I too was drowsy as heck.
Zach woke up with extra flippy hair.

We spent a good chunk of the morning googling where to grab a good brunch.

We were worried because it was Sunday morn – everybody wants to brunch!

All of us were a bit sluggish, so by the time we got out the door it was close to 11! Eeks.

We drove past the place we originally found online, but the line was actually out the door and around the corner.
We decided to park and just wander till we found something good.

I believe this area is called “North Beach” or Little Italy.

It was a gorgeous sunny day! What a way to end a weekend getaway.

Sunglasses weather.

Check out this trendy SF family.

We’ve been wandering for a while – so many places had long lines and yelp was being coy.

Recognize the view in Aryn’s sunglasses?

We finally walked past a place called Cafe Greco, and it had all these awesome graphics and semi-tacky decorations.
It was great. So of course we ordered and grabbed some tables outside.

Obviously had to order POACHED EGGS yum

Crazy eyes 4 eggs

Freaky Renaissance babies in the background

We drove up to Coit Tower to play tourist a bit.

They iz my friends

We perfect


And THAT’S how you take a jumping photo

Creepin’ towards Dolores Park

Oh I’ll just move here okay

Sumthin’ in Zach’s booty

Such a lovely afternoon, fo real.

Bi-Rite Creamery, it’s a pretty famous icecream shop with a line that had a line to get in the line…
but it was worth it.
I had earl grey and vanilla caramel and it was SO GOOD.

High-fashion icecream realness (and me)

Dolores Park was right across the street from Bi-Rite so we took our icecream to the park.

I think the weather here in SF has been quite rainy and cold, but a sunny day like this brings everybody out!
It reminds me of London, when the first sign of sun brings out EVERYBODY to have picnics. 🙂

Fell in love with this dude at the park

Friends since elementary and middle school!

Dog booty


Afterwards we went to check out this unit that was for sale. They had it all decked out.
LOVE staging. So hilarious. (See the fake laptop?)


Mostly we wanted to be nosy and check out the rooftop view

Ah, decadent

After rooftop glamour we headed over to Zeitgeist to have a beer outdoors.

Apparently lots of other people had the same idea to have a beer in the sunshine.

We finally found a little area to perch.

*Gahhh* I don’t want to leave!

Empty pitcher

Since we had 2 pitchers between the 4 of us, it was definitely time to grab some dinner. 🙂

“I’m hungry!”

It’s getting chilly, let’s hustle!

Taqueria El Farolito in the Mission.
I actually had a different friend take me here when I visited a year or so ago.

We join the huge line of people and contemplate the meaning of life and order.

I get my salsas in order before the food comes.

I KNOW. I know.
My mouth is watering just looking at this.
It’s the “super nachos” with al pastor…holy hell I want this so bad again.

We head back to Rachel’s where I say goodbye to my darling Aryn.

And kind Rachel dropped us off at the airport…and we head back to lame LA.

And that concludes my Bay Area weekend series, hope you all enjoyed.

Much love friends.

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