Another day with too many photos, so here’s the first half of the day complete with pictures of Tubby, a breakfast burrito, and a lovely morning with my parents at the Huntington.


7:15, waking up at home in South Pasadena

Good morning, Snow! Good morning, Tubby!

Tubby checks out my bacon breakfast burrito for any poisons

I was at a wedding the night before, I feel like I still have mascara on. Must shower.

Freshly clean, brushing teeth with pops…

Later cats, we’re hitting the road!

It’s been unseasonably warm (even for LA) so the fruits on our tree are already ripening!

We arrive at the Huntington by 8. My parents are members and are allowed to arrive early before the general public. They like walking the gardens and wanted to show me a bit of new goodz in the hood

The Huntington has research libraries, an art collection, and botanical gardens. We could only explore the outside grounds before normal visiting hours.

Starting in the Cactus Gardens!

Alien landscapes and weird “flowerings”.

And some fat squirrels

So many varieties of cactcus

Hidden Mickey!

Cutting across a big lawn

Through the Australian Gardens

Tall trees

And cherry blossoms!!!

Into the Japanese Gardens

My grandmother’s cousin (I believe) made this bonzai

Dad in the rock garden

Gorgeous layering of depths and textures

Sakura sakura!

Touching these rocks helps keep them polished and smooth

Mom pic.

Moving down into the pond area


Having too much fun…it’s not even 10 am

Busting into the Chinese Gardens

Notably more stonework

This whole lake expansion is new to me. Wow!

Carved wood work on a pavilion donated by Panda Express…

Me on the other side of water *ooooh*

Leaving the Chinese Gardens as folks set up for Lunar New Year events

King Ray

They tried

Back to reality!

Head back to the house

Sweet sleeping Yoko.

Aw my parents had my card I made for them for Valentine’s Day displayed

I pack up all my stuff, and my mom helps me carry it to the car. It’s started to rain.

Charge my phone, start up a podcast, and get ready to head out.

Snack on some of the Chicago style popcorn my mom hooked it up with and drove back across LA.

and that’s PART 1 (the day in total has 200 photos, so just breaking it up here)

Part 2 includes another museum visit, more rain, and a photo gig at a dark lil’ jazz bar.

Much love friends.

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By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog

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