This is Sunday, February 22, 2015 (PART 2)
Here’s Part 1. This part includes going to see Pierre Huyghe at LACMA on its last day, running errands to a train shop, and eating some rainy day ramen (which is the best ramen).


Read PART 1 of this day first!

So where we left off – I was leaving South Pasadena to head back towards my place.

Stopped to pick up Zach

I had some errands to run, first stop Samy’s Camera!

This Samy’s used to be a train store, there are still elements of the train shop left behind.

I’m here looking for some diffusion paper

Testing it on Zach

Next stop, Target!

I signed up for a trial class of pilates at work’s gym. I’ve never really done pilates before and was told I shouldn’t wear my little gym shorts, but more like yoga pants. SO. I had to suck it up and buy my first yoga pants…….*the horror*

*Run away*

Back home to relax, and finally watch last weeks MasterChef junior!

Feeling pooped.

Mix up some iced coffee

Trivia CRACK

Yeah, I feel like that too

I have a photo job later, so getting gear together. Cleaning the lens.


All packed up and ready to go!


Well, almost packed. Need to get the lights together.

Scenes of cloudy LA. I wonder if it’ll rain…

Made it to LACMA! Had a 3 PM reservation and I was worried we’d be late.

Pierre Huyghe ‘s retrospective is really an anti-retrospective. In that there is no order, no contextual text, no labels, no schedule…and expectedly so many unexpected moments.

Lights flash on after a video plays in a dark room to reveal these neon green lights. In photographs it looks like the blur of a flashlight in a long exposure.

In this big room you can play “pong” with lights on the ceiling with a stranger, watch a 20 minute plotless film featuring a monkey wearing a smooth white undecorated Japanese mask

Ice melting, looks like the moon’s surface

Live bees on her head. Of course Zach is obsessed as he’s writing a script involving bees and hive mentality and this was a “sign” hahah

Human the dog. Don’t pet human or you’ll be pet.

I wonder how old Human is

Ready to go?

It’s raining!!!! Yaaaay!

Really wanted to get some ramen, but the place we went to wasn’t open yet!

So went next door to get a coffee


Alright! Made it to the Japanese place. They sat us in the dark in the back, even though we were the only people! Does this mean we are gross and will turn away customers…

Tried a spicy albacore hand roll for the first time. Very very yummy, and creamier than spicy tuna

SO dark hard to take a handsome photo of my tonkatsu ramen. Mmmm.

Already it’s getting dark!

Getting darker and darker on the way home

Didn’t want to stop at the apartment, but just didn’t time it right

So for like less than an hour I just chilled in the workroom, Zach worked on his script.

Ready to go! Looking surprisingly alive.

30 minute rainy drive

Made it to La Cuevita aka the Cave

Set up the lights! Here to shoot a group a guys who play jazz here every Sunday. I think they need promo images.

I took like 1,000 photos of them. Need to sort them through.

Happy hour Sunday nights.

You feel these vibes!

4 guys on the stage tonight. Last year when I took their photo, it was like 5 or 6 guys I think.

Zach being chill and supportive, but a little sad. We’re missing the Oscars and only now I’m realizing how much that potentially was killing him.

One of Zach’s personal heroes is Richard Linklater, so when his NYT app popped up and spoiled that Birdman won “top honors”, he was pretty bummed. 😦

But the band played onnn

So. Tired. I know I’ve said that a million times at this point, but I have a bad habit of over scheduling weekends…and…yeah. I really did it this time.

Can’t wait for my day off

The rain has really made the apartment FREEEEEZING. *For LA standards*

Turn on the heat, and it’s only 11 PM but I feel like it’s 3 AM. Passing out now.

Much love friends.

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By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog

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