This is Friday, February 13, 2015!
More of a normal day for me (minus the working at home part), hope you enjoy a lil’ sneak into a less “exciting” day in my universe. Don’t worry there are still dogs. And food.


Got to sleep in quite a bit for a work day. I’m working from home for a half day, I worked some extra hours throughout the week and on my usual day off so my super awesome boss let me have it easy on Friday.

Good morning, Tweedy!

Aw the lil’ flowers I grabbed at the grocery store last night look so lovely in the morning light.

Find my house slippers and slip on in

Mmmm I can smell the coffee brewing! (Timers on coffee pots are the greatest)

Fresh pour

Take my Disney mug back to bed

Tweedy has taken over my pillow

Have my coffee and play a bit of Animal Crossing from the warmth of my bed

Time to get face washed and moisturized. I associate that tube with itchiness. So as I’m typing this now, my face feels itchy…weird

Don’t worry, I’m planning on showering post-work

Alright, bundled and ready to get working

Don’t worry that’s not blood on my hand, that’s just a lipstick swatch.

I get started on some things, but feel that horrible sensation when typing that your finger nails are too long…(is this just me?)

Successfully trimmed! Much better.

Get to read a bit of this book about Play in photographs

Realize I never opened my geode I got for my birthday last year!

Dogs are here soaking up the sun in the living room

Oh you wanna go outside boys?

I’ll leave these two alone

Soakin’ in the rays

Zach’s taken over the living room to also have a work day

Though he’s mulling over a story outline for a script that he can’t quite figure out

Back to my work, with my usual snack in tow

Feels ironic to read this passage as I document my day “It is as though an experience is only made real if we take a photograph of it.”

What Tweedy

*click click*

Sufi’s come to join

And I capture Tweedy as well. Maybe he’ll write some tweets for me.

Lunch time! Free sandwich delivery!! Woohoo

Toasted bread, with peppery turkey, provolone cheese, and avocado

Almost done with today’s list

Work on updating my professional profiles

And have a bit of tofu, green onion, and shoyu as a snack.

By 3 I paused work, time to have a run and get the rest of the day started


About 1.75 miles. I’m still trying to get back into exercising 3 times a week after the holidays and the flu ruined my streak

Sweaty face, sweaty hair

Finally, shower time!

Towel head

Bangs trim! I feel like I always notice to trim my bangs on days I’m documenting

Put some colorful clothes on

Zach’s ready for a break too

Taking the dogs out to the dog park!

They know we were headed here as soon as we turned up the park entrance and just freaked out the whole way

Looking to see if a pug is here today

There’s already a pup ready to greet Sufi and Tweedy

Tweedy is so friendly at the park, maybe too friendly sometimes

Look at this little furball.

I love this park, it has the BEST light in town.

Follow the leader

Watching the pups play. Well…watching Tweedy play and watching Sufi go up to every other human in the park and get pet

With the dogs that rule my world on this side of town

Me and the dogs engagement photos

AAhahahha ughhh

Alright, time to go!


Struggling to be on the leash

Taking photos to send to Aryn (she sold me the shirt from her vintage shop)

Had to stop by the market to get things for the Galentine’s event I have later

Which hot cheetos to buy…

Also grabbing some random other fixings for dinner the rest of the week

There’s so many Valentine’s day flower displays that we couldn’t resist picking out a few bouquets

And a new bamboo! Remember, I had a little bamboo in college named Sammy?

Back home, it’s already getting dark

Redistributing the flowers to be in one vase

FRESH FLOWERS! I kill most plants, so this is exhilarating to have in the house

Sorry about the white balance – but prepping dinner!

Good shake shake seasoning distributor boy

Cut up chicken wings with a buffalo seasoning on them

While the wings cook, gotta prep the chocolate covered strawberries for my dinner the next night

The chocolate was a little to thick, potentially…but…hey that’s the best part I guess!
It’s a mix of semi-sweet and milk chocolate.

Get Face Off (the special effects makeup competition show that is just hilarious and great) queued up ready to play

Oooo! They wings actually look really good.

Prep some salad

Eeeeek! I’m so happy they turned out so nicely.

YAY DINNER. Okay, sorry to be enthusiastic about dinner. But. The chicken was super tender and spicy and delicious. Going to have to make these wings again. And for $6, making all those wings is so much better than buying from the wing shop.

Bundled up ready to head out to my Galentine’s event.

Podcast I’m currently listening to – Gilmore Guys. They take a critical look at Gilmore Girls episode by episode, in a funny way! (only warning is that one of the hosts gets bizzarely ignorant at times, and it’s annoying when they try to discredit girl experiences)

Feeling cool driving with champagne and hot cheetos

Passing by this creepy gas station set up

Kiley’s place! Hiding behind all the booze

Seeing peeps you actually like unexpectedly at a party is the greatest thing

Check out all the rad decorations

And there was a photobooth area

Showing Hannah how to get podcasts

And magically around midnight the party cleared out

YOU GUYS! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a raccoon in person!!!!! LOOK! I saw the body and it was pretty big walking away from me. Then it turned around and I saw the mask! They are much bigger than I imagined…

12:12, let’s go home

Cat sighting

What are you thinkin’ about, Tweedz?

That zit. Getting ready for bed

And goodnight world!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this potentially boring day….a bit more mundane as usual.

Much love friends.

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By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog

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