A more “average” kind of day, starting at work and ending with uruk-killing and a house party with friends.

One of those days to look back on and think “I don’t have it all together, but that’s okay.”


I usually set my alarm for 7:15, but peel myself out of bed by 7:40.

Retainer out, chug that water.

I throw clothes on first because my apartment is poorly insulated. Plus, if I get dressed first then that gives me more time to sip my coffee later.

Wash my face with my favorite popcorn-smelling Lush cleanser.

Nothing like scrubbing waking up and scrubbing dead skin cells off your face.

Had really salty pho the night before, and now my eyebags are POPPIN. (And nose crusties…yeah, still getting rid of the cough/runny nose)

Like my new little lava rock plant?

Timing coffee to blew is the best thing

Dang all my surfaces look so dirty. I swear it’s streaky from clorox wipes! T___T

Set a timer for 8:18 because I am completely stupid and love playing Animal Crossing with my morning coffee.

Every morning I have to collect my 5 fossils, find the gem, get the coins from the rock, build a snowman, play bingo…exhausting!

Dog hair on my sock.

The basil plant I just got is already wilting. I moved it from the kitchen into the living room, it’s definitely sunnier here. Hope it perks up! I’m a master plant killer.

Today’s complete cozy clothes selection. Tans and blacks, I mean, why not. Plus you have to wear beer socks on a Friday. Also, I got these pants for Christmas, they are insulted “leggings” from Uniqlo and have a DRAWSTRING they are so comfy.

Off for the day!

A sunny, lovely morning

Right on schedule! Pulling out by 8:30, and got “Hello” from RadioLab blasting.

57 degrees Fahrenheit (13.9 degrees Celsius)

Not too trafficky today.

Getting closer

Made it to work!

Weirdly bright morning

Umbrellas for visitors (which they keep out despite how NOT rainy it’s been)

Do you see the little bird perched on the windows? (And Downtown LA in the distance)

Into my cubicle! Pop on my super mature, but really rad Spongebob headphones.

Around 10 I like to have a snack.

Today it’s these little honey mustard crunchy sticks. I love these, but man they give you stinky breath.

Tweedy tickets went on sale, so got myself a pair! They’ll be playing in LA in March.

I decided to take the camera out into the galleries, had a few things in mind to shoot, but sometimes it’s nice to get out, see how people are moving through certain galleries, see certain rearranged spaces, etc.

Wandering through the Decorative Arts & Sculpture galleries.

Paintings! (And hello Titian back there)

Back down to Dec Arts and the period rooms

I always pass by this vase and think “man, that looks gorgeous there.”

Lovely light in this corridor

Passing by visitors on my way to the cafe

The “famous” piano curve

I’ve been trying to be better about having lunch away from my desk. I usually get into the office and don’t really see sun (we have no windows where I work). I get out and it’s dark! I think that’s what makes me so sluggish.

Having a noodle bowl out by the research library today.

Browsing reddit and slurpin’ noodles

After lunch I pop into the research library to take a photo for a colleague

Leave my leftover noodle bowl and coffee on the banister while I sneak in a conference room to badger the group into a photo.

Back to my desk!

Sometimes it’s nice to be sitting and cozy with my blanket and headphones at work.

Edit some photos I shot today

Had a little too much fun with this what artworks see thing.

And soon it was time to go home! Yay! It’s magic hour. I’m always so pleased to leave the office when there’s still a bit of light outside, even better when the sun is setting.

The sun creating this awesome pattern on the walls

If you ever visit the Getty Center, you should try to stay until 5:30/6, the sunsets are worth it!

The ocean was an illuminated blue!

Also, another Getty Center tip is to walk down the hill! It’s such a lovely walk, about 3/4ths of a mile.

You’ll get gorgeous views and sometimes (if you’re lucky) you’ll see a deer.

It takes 10-15 minutes (depending on how much you loiter)

Back to my car, ready to head out at 5:30. A pretty early night for me!

Traffic is always bad on the way home. More podcast time for me!

HELLO BOYS! So it took about 45 minutes to get home, bleh. (To compare, takes about 20 to get to work in the morning)

Pop my leftover lunch in the fridge

Have a senbei snack while I wait for Kiki

My basil perked up a little!

HI Tweedy, how is your night

“Where’s Kiki?”

She’s here! Looking fly.

Sufi on the scene

I attempt to scrap together some dinner for us.

Kiki getting our TV show pick in order.

So we each had a bowl of minestrone soup, shared some of my leftover noodle bowl, and had cheese toasties. Not bad!

Some veggie, some carbs, why not

Settled on Broad City for our dinner entertainment

And then we move onto our true mission for the night. Zach got a copy of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. So we’ve been on a killing uruks kick.

We spent basically 3 hours like this.

Making some old fashioneds. After I make drinks, all the cabinets end up wide open and there’s shit all over the counter. Help.

Not baaaad. Still haven’t perfected this.

Getting ready to head out. No more videogames for the eve.

Girl stuff in the bathroom (OKAY DUSTY MIRROR MY FAULT…I’m never quite together)


Ready to kill

Glam on the town

Backseat maven

Zeen bringin’ the beer

LA haus party

Best decor (homemade Christmas peanut snowmen)

Beer delivery! Thank you.


The Kass show

Everybody super into the peanuts

Crucial record change

It’s not a haus party if everybody doesn’t end up in the kitchen

I went with Jordan to the garage to grab a reflector he’s letting me borrow. Didn’t find the reflector, but did find a friend we all thought moved out of town.

More liveliness.

Back home by 2:45 AM. Roouughhh.

Wipe off my face, and hop into bed with the pups. Tweedy already has his spot claimed.

Happy 2015!

Much love friends.

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By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog


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