A fully documented day after Thanksgiving. A trip to the park, more dogs than usual, and of course lots of food-pix. Enjoy!

Woke up from my post-Thanksgiving turkey coma. Was very happy to semi-sleep in.

First face I see in the morning. Usually it’s Tubby when I’m at home – but alas Tweedy and Tubby are at war.

Mullet bed head

Peel out, here we go!

Pups get put with Yoko in her little clubhouse with pee pads and food.

Okay, Tubby! You can come out!!!!!

He gets a good rub down

The coffee pot is always runneth over.

Set up my cuddle spot on the couch

Sufi quickly makes himself right at home

Mama is very proud of her nearly-done pot holder gift set.

Early morning gift-wrapping

Time for a walk!

Exploring the neighborhood

Tweedy is proud of himself after peeing in approximately 500 places.

Head scratchies

Special cheese toast and grapes for breakfast! Thanks, ma!

Peep into parent’s room (aka cat’s clubhouse)

Both of them are shoving their faces into the food dish

GUH but they sooooooo cute

Clean up

Once you find that comfy suit you gotta stick to it

My favorite LUSH face wash – who doesn’t want their face smelling like polenta and/or popcorn

Took some photos of the family we spent Thanksgiving with for them to keep. Did a quick edit and sent them along.

They already think they own the house. Sitting in the classic cat spots.

Bangs definitely needed a bit of a trim.

There we go – a little snip snip

Then some face paint

All while Sufi stares you down – all the pressure!

As I get ready to head out to my annual post-Thanksgiving picnic…

My dad cracks open a Spaten to match with the cup I got him from my trip to Munich

Little Totoro tail on my way out the door

Pups so excited to see Gabby

We drop by Pavilions to grab a few things. The shop already has pine wreaths and things out front.

So many sales.

Two beers, one cake card, and a box of baby arugula (for later!)

Check-out babe

Park at the park

Friends reunion! We calculated that this was the 5th or 6th picnic we’ve done at this park the day after Thanksgiving with high school friends.

A LOT of leftovers this year

And a lot of pups this year too!

We had 3 kinds of pumpkin pie this year. So. MUCH. PIE.

Tweedy just can’t handle all the food

Bust out Guillotine, a fun little game with minimal rules and set up.

You just have to kill as many nobles as possible! Simple.

Rachel struggling with her reading comprehension skills

Sufi, the ham.

“Oh you want to get a cheap massage with us later? Feels like this…”

Then the dogs adorably ran around

Tweedy tried to be a real dog…lolzz


Frisbee is thrown, books are read, laughs are had…

And then we head off.

3 hours later! Dang. Didn’t feel like that much time had passed.

Change of clothes for my 3rd Thanksgiving meal…My mom got me this sweater from Kohl’s (thanks, ma!)

I pack my salad up and get ready to go.

Sorry, Tweedy! You don’t get to go to this one!

Pug bag ready to go.

I drop by Lauren’s to give her her birthday present!

I see you on the phone!! Let me in!

“Be patient. Gosh.”

She likes it! (The sweater)

Dusky drive to San Gabriel.

I’m here!

Iris and Michael are busy setting the table! I’m here a bit early to shoot some of Iris’s paintings.

I forgot my tripod back at my apartment *dooooof* so we used the ladder as a makeshift shelf. It worked out!

Selfie selfie

I match!

Taping up the last drawing

All done! Time to get all the food ready to go.

Waiting for the other guests to arrive!

Brie and crackers yes PUHLEEEZE

Kikz arrives!

Get wine in everybody’s hands

I get all my ingredients in the salad bowl


Kiki making the baked brie (or rather preppin’ it)

Turkey is ready!

Thanks to our two hosts!

Iris shouting some encouragement to the baked brie

Masterchef Tim carving the turkey

ET moment captured


Megan finally arrives! The guests are all here!

Perfect timing, the brie is out


Bangs club

Everybody dig in!

And a toast!

Food, wine, and good peeps.


Pecan pie makes its appearance!


Move the party to the living room

Getting ready for a tough game of Scattergories

Scattergories is a very enlightening game

Kiki and Michael do a head-to-head 2 list square off for second place. Turns out they tied again.

Time to head back hooome.

Oh Yoko. That doesn’t even look comfortable.

Clean da face

Refrigerate the leftovers.

Water the mouth.

Laugh at the dogs.

and into bed we go!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Much love friends.

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By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog

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