Throwing it back to Seattle! When I first dropped the ball on weekly updates. Let me just say – I LOVED my taste of Seattle. I hope you get a sense of the city through this little week I spent here.

Just a refresher – here's the week previous to this.

So here we are! My presentation room. We were told to check in 2 hours before our presentation, which meant 6:30 am. Bright and early.

ALL DONEEEEEEEEEEEEE! That's the smile of public speaking all finished. The presentation was about "Getting Started with Social Media" for museums. It was about 30 people in the room, there was good discussion, some great questions, and all in all it was really interesting.

Treating myself to takoyaki…some of the biggest I've ever seen. O____o
This place was okay, but did a great happy hour! Japonessa.

A view of Post Alley, right near the Central Market.


And the infamous gum wall. Yeah. That's all gum. There's another one of these walls in San Luis Obispo, but this one was definitely…more fragrant.

A mural

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