This is Sunday, March 23, 2014!
I woke up with kitty, puppy and parent love back home and slowly but surely ripped myself away back into the routine of LA living. Full, happy, and grateful for time with friends, families and pets! Enjoy!

2014_March_23 + Sukiyaki
Woke up and noticed a friend staring me down.

Yes, please join me for morning snuggles!

TUBBY! Look at meeeeeeeee. Please. Plzzzz.

Snow also has to get a kitty morning rub down. Can't leave him out! (Especially since he purrs SO loudly)

Butt-sniffin' brothers

Dad telling a story about how he saw a little white cat this morning during his AM run. "You can't hide when you're a white cat! I could see his little ears and butt from behind the wall!"


Father son bonding

Aw baby Yoko in her special room…aka the entry way filled with pee pads.

Gross face, sweaty hair, time to shower.

Yei zits!

Mama hooks it up with a fourth of a bacon breakfast burrito. *Drool*

Pop is working out in the yard. How do I know that? The kitties waiting by the garage door.

My entire phone is jammed with kitty photos.

"Sarah, put on pants!!!!!!!!!!!!"

How can you not immediately kiss that face

They hang out!!!!1 It's my dream!

Still has that kitten face

My mom wanted to drop some fruit off at my cousin's house while my dad finished up yard work.

When my dad works outside and nobody is in the house, he'll put Tubby in the car and let him hang out "outside".

2014_March_23 + Sukiyaki1
Mom talkin' bout the new house being built down our road.

Something looked different from this view…I think some trees were cut down. Don't know if I've seen those mountains before.

Guess where I am? Cousin's house!

Mad chillin'

Little cousins get some help from my mom at lunch time.

She wanted braids like "Elsa and Anna" from Frozen. I did my best. I used two hair ties on her…I feel naked without hair ties on my wrist.

Nap time for the gals

Loquat fruits are so delicious this year.

An afternoon snack…

2014_March_23 + Sukiyaki3
And an afternoon nap.

Present to himself for doing all the yard work.

2014_March_23 + Sukiyaki2
Just playin' around on the comp while the kitties hang out.

Cats always get crazy when they know we're about to leave.

My mom loves getting these groupon-esque sites for restaurants nearby. She's smarty.

My tree is more of a lame bruise now.

Palm tree landscapes

The Novel Cafe

We had to place a reservation to use the discount. It was empty because it was a weird hour, but we still got this solid and impressive reserved sign on our table.

We're related.


Average "spring" rolls

I ate so much poke I could barely finish half of my ahi tuna sandwich with avocado *droools whaaaat*. Happy to share my leftovers with my pop.


Time to head out

Full stomach, full heart

Double screen time with the game on

What's dad looking at? Oh….

I give Yoko's eyes a bit of a warm water clean off.

Wrapping up food to take to my apt. My mom always feeds me too much!

Packin' up

Dad helps me with my things. I always bring games in the hopes that my parents will play with me. *Flash back* to growing up without siblings.

Bye! Love ya!

2014_March_23 + Sukiyaki4
Trying to get home before dark and the REAL bad drivers come out.

2014_March_23 + Sukiyaki5
Downtown LA at a glance

The boys!

The house smells like pups. Gotta light a candle.

Waiting for friends to come on over for a movie night

2014_March_23 + Sukiyaki6
Marie and Zach. I convince them to watch part of Piranha 3D which was HORRIBLE. I couldn't look away.

Marie's sister was in town and was too kind to say anything about the shitty movie choice.

Marie LOVING Piranha 3D

Okay let's all head out to the theater!

To the caaaaar!

Theresa is tortured by Marie in the backseat

Are your knees cold?

Get the tickets and snacks nailed down

Totally American movie night. BIG popcorn, HUGE soda. All they offer hahah
I feel like I remember being out of the US and realizing that popcorn is a very American thing?

We saw the new Muppets movie. I must say it was not as charming and solid as the first one, which I highly recommend to anybody with a soul.


Tired, but hungry for a real dinner (last big meal was late lunch)

Finished my Violet Crumble. *yum*

Gobbled down the soup, chugged my nightly cup of water (encouragement for getting out of bed in the AM), and got ready for bed.

2014_March_23 + Sukiyaki7-001
Goodnight, world!

Hope you enjoyed this semi-uneventful day!

Much love friends.

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By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog

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