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My Week in Photos: March 24 – March 31
Lovely time with friends, another challenging work week, and some quick time in the snow!
Are these getting boring yet? Maybe…heh, enjoy!


Dried kimchi snacks not the best thing to munch on Monday morning.

Gray morning

Found this awesome burning bush illustration

My tree has turned into a lame puddle of a bruise.

Empty museum on Monday

More gray skies in Gettyland at the end of the day

Lots of construction at the entrance of the parking level. I like this little bridge.

Leftover breakfast burrito from my mama + Tweedy of course

Some of the corn nuts from my mom. Spicy chili lime!

Updated my Wednesday ADIML

Sleepy kind of Tuesday

Ninja turtle bandaids

Gym at lunch today *whew*

Leftover turkey casserole

Birds eye view

Peanut butter cookie and afternoon coffee

Was itching to walk around, decided to check out Marina Del Rey

Pretty weird area. It's a marina, but it's developed in a weird way. Nothing around. No shops. No people. No restaurants. There's like a gorgeous park and overlook over the marina, but nobody around! It's just so weird to me. I miss a bit of hustle and bustle.

Lovely tile at the Marina Del Rey park

Feeling spontaneous, cucumber martini sure.

The one random restaurant I walked by was closing the kitchen, but I slid a quick order of garlic clams in at the last second. *THANKS RESTAURANT* I feel like that was the worst thing to order last minute, but I felt on the spot.

Clouds doing cool things


To the GRI

Doing some skype calling today from a conference room with this awesome tapestry

I love the library on site, it's a nice place to get stuff done.

Birds of paradise!

Eyeball olive

Bouncy Tweedy

Mobil in the eve

To Marie's

Marie getting ready. Her sister is in town visiting. Hi Theresa!

We pull up to get tacos and see the ridiculous line. We call to place a pick up order and head off to grab some drinks.

Marie not impressed by the beer selection

Jordan making a careful selection

And we're back to pick up the tacos. We're running a bit behind.

Theresa and I in the backseat ready to eat our tacos on the move.

Tacos in the car

*Sniff* Bye Alyssa!

Watched the Facebook show at UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade)

Marie so amused

Joe stretchin' for comedy

Extra teddy today

A giant lost some hair on the way in

#Onuts = cronut. Though apparently "cronut" is trademarked. I've never had one till this meeting. It was aight.

Croissant + donut = cronut. So late to these sweet trends.

Lovely spring day

Stopped at Ralphs for some pasta salad and chicken wings from their deli counter

Surprise! I'm in snow!

Crazy coffee machine!!!!

*UGH* So beautiful! Snowy landscapes are still so magical to me as I rarely see them and didn't grow up with them.

Am so appreciative that I got the opportunity to try skiing for the first time ever. My family was never a 'let's go to the mountain!' kind of family. So I knew nothing about the terminology, equipment, strength required or anything. It was so invigorating to try something that was physically rigorous that made me push myself. It was also scary at times, so conquering the 'fearful' feeling was something I haven't done in a while. It was good.

Pink weird legs after my first day. SUCH TENDER LEGS. SO SORE. Equipment was way heavier than I expected, and skiing itself (at least at my level) is so much about stopping gravity that you're using so much force.

View from the very top of the mountain! (I went down a round about way….don't worry, I'm no pro)

In TV and movies people always sneak away to the cabin and have hot chocolate. So I just had to!

Built what I believe is my second snowman ever. He's pretty big! The snow was sticky.

And my third snowman! It's SO RIDICULOUS. AH.

Bowling. No skills.

The snowman survived overnight!

Wandered around because the runs were closed during the snow storm

Lonely, lovely walk


I just can't get enough snowy landscape. Sorry all! Returning to sunny views soon.

Eyeball tree


Friendly face to say goodbye to on the way home

Bye bye snow. *wah*

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