This is Wednesday, March 19, 2014!
Errands at home, errands outside, very important fan business and of course seeing friends and petting pups.
Another day off with a To Do list. Enjoy!

Grumpy and sweaty, grumbling version of myself. GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dirty faced Tweedy.
His face was bitten by another dog and has no hair on his nose. The scab has slowly been coming off and it gets stuck in his hair…ew.

I'm excited for the tree to fill out even more!
Spring is here!

He wouldn't let me properly browse my phone has his cute head was getting in the way.

Sufi needs a bit of love too, of course.

"A bit" = A LOT of love.

I wrote my To Do list the day before but was at the office pretty late and left in such a rush that I left it behind.
My kind co-worker sent me a picture of it.

CRAYball Sufi

Finally I get to the kitchen to put on that coffee.

Oh the boys are happy!

Tweedy in his natural environment

It's shaping up to be a lovely morning.

Prowling the streets

Neighborhood comin' alive!

Time to head homeeee

Squirrel mug 4 life

I wrote out my to do list from the photo sent to me by my office mate.

I love these pants so much but they don't have belt loops…
Gotta hold 'em up with some ingenuity

Making a thank you note of the corner of my workroom. Still practicing… *sigh*

Pumped out a few more cards, in addition to the ones I painted last week.

I was at a candy shop a week or so ago and I picked out these candy bars that I've seen while in Canada, London, and Spain.
Let me look up country of origin:
Violet Crumble: Manufactured in Australia!
Kinder Bueno: First marketed in Italy, but now made in France and Poland
Aero Bar: Introduced in England
Coffee Crisp: Made in Canada!

I attempted to film an EmmyEats tribute video with my fancy candy bars, but it's harder than you think to get focus right on a dslr while you're alone.

I unrolled an old project from college to check it's condition before packing it back up to send to a Kickstarter donor.

Back out into the world

This time driving to go pick up a friend from her place.

I love this Astro sign, I think it's a hotel?
Great signage left from what I'm sure was maybe a 70s aesthetic.

Passing work up on the hill there. NO. NOT GOING IN TODAY.

I haven't seen Kiley since she's moved into this new place!

She lives with a girl who was in my senior art show, this piece was in it!

Her porch feels very LA to me, lots of telephone wires and mountains in the background.
Oh and those pesky palm trees.

Okay time to hit the road!

Kiley told me there was a post office near her place but she didn't tell me it was the coolest post office.

Unfortunately a castle-like exterior doesn't make for a more pleasant post office experience.
I sent out some thank you notes and the photograph.

Kiley helped me with some jumping photos for more Kickstarter prizes.

My little area of LA has some pretty awesome architectural charm.

In the shadows of what I think was a Montessori School

Back to the homestead and kind Kiley deposits some orphaned strawberries into my fridge.

Need to get the Josh Cooley prints framed…

Jump 4 lunch!

Jersey Mike's and their giant meat slicer.
It's almost as if I'm at a Museo del Jamon getting fresh cuts in Madrid *haaa…*

Is "Jersey beach" a popular theme in the world? I bet no.
Interesting the imagery that makes it way into brands.

Kiley kindly treated me to my buffalo chicken wrap.

But then I had to immediately gas up. Bye bye savings. 😦

Kiley was off to a music fest, so I dropped her at the airport.
Fly safe, Kileyzz!!!

Lonely drive back to my neighborhood

Time to shop *yuck*

I've never really found anything ever at Bed Bath and Beyond "beyond value", but I did get some clearance sheets woo hoo.
I went into BBB to find a fan so I could avoid Target, but alas.

Oh man…

This ALWAYS happens at Target. You remember the 16 other tiny things you've let slide in your house and of course Target has them.
I came for a fan (which I got!!!) and left with shampoo, conditioner, a new eyeliner, sports bras. *sigh* I'm not proud.

Head hung low, back to the car

Of course I spent lots of time in the makeup section of Target swatching lipsticks. I didn't get any though. Who am I kidding, I never wear lipstick anymore.

I love these weird flares that show up on the garage around this time of day.

I don't know when or how it happened so quickly, but winter slipped away and brought back the heat.
My apt doesn't have central air and because it's not on the ground floor (and heat rises), it gets extremely warm in the living room and kitchen. The old fan I got last summer is just so horrible, and when I went to swap it for a better one all of Target was sold out! Crazy.


Oh Tweedy boy

Zomg it's SO HOT aoefkdsjalfjdlak when did this happen
Just thinking back to last summer and man…it was tough to even be in the living room at all.
I need to build the new fan!

Time to put on my 5pm turtle shorts. Let's get that fan together.


Sufi, I want to change the sheet excuse me…

He's resilient

Washing the new sheets!
So excited!!!

Enjoying some of my friend's red ale from his brewery
(Sorry Coca Cola)

Didn't quite get to everything

Too LA to look away

The sun starts to set

Always looking guilty

Kiki sending all the important links

Gotta take your grout advice sooner rather than later.

I'm clean, now just waiting for clean sheets.

Computer stuff

Cotton sheets for the summer time. The jersey sheets were sticking to my body, good for the cold months but not so much for when you're trying to find a cold spot.
(Yes…still sleeping in reverse)

Gabby guzzlin' detergent

Sick towel

Gabby convinces me to order thai food and to watch the Voice.
She's pretty persuasive, I suppose.

We watched about 5 episodes of the Voice that we'd recorded. Uhgghfdjslkajfldkas

Tweedy doesn't care about singing at all.

Food is here??

Sorry, it's not Tweedy food!

Pad see ew and some red curry with bamboo yum

Gabby tries the candies as well.
I must say the violet crumble is definitely the most shocking.
We guessed for a long time what the inside part was…I won't tell you just yet! 🙂

Tweedy is a little rice ball and Sufi is always on the run

So…then it was magically 1:30 AM because I had fallen asleep on the couch.
Too many episodes of the Voice.

I crawled into bed, thanking my past self for making the bed, and fell fast asleep.

Much love friends.

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