My Week in Photos: March 17 – March 23
A food and family centered week, and not much else, I'm afraid. Work days have been longer, and free time has been slim.
Should be better this coming week! Enjoy.

"Good morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I flipped to the other side of the bed in the early A.M. because there was an earthquake that shook the room.
I sleep under the projector on a shelf on my wall…so I thought…hmmm…not getting crushed tonight.

Oh yeah…that was on Monday! I blew it…I didn't wear any green.

Sparkle cookie

Shooting some slider shots of the research institute

Super amazing Monday skills. Pinched my arm in the tripod and gave myself this cute little tree.

More green for St. Paddy's day.
The gym's locker room is this bright green color, it's so…inspiring.

I usually walk down the hill, but today after the gym I just went straight to the shuttle landing. It was nice magic hour.

My mom used to make corned beef and cabbage on St. Paddy's Day.
She told me she made it for my dad, so I got myself some from the local deli.

Vanilla malt cause WHY NOT

I love this place. Family owned and has a giant bagel crashing through the ceiling.

Kiki keeping it classy

Gabby with wine-glass effects, better than photobooth!

My parents are so kind and supportive. Whenever new shows open at work they come to see them!

We share some food from the cafe for lunch. Mom always gets fries. 🙂

Walked the 'rents through a few exhibitions.

Serious papa.

I've taken over the blog this week.
(Accidentally!) (And uncommonly!)

Been staying a bit longer than usual at work. Turns the eyes into marbles.

Mama shares the best spicy snacks

Continuing to enjoy the *Progress Brewing red ale

I feel like Chipotle burrito bowls have gotten bigger…or maybe my stomach has oddly shrunk.


On Wednesday I documented my day, so expect that post coming soon! I'm bad at shooting with my camera and phone on days like this.

On Wednesday I saw my friend Kiley and got a bunch of errands over with. Hooray!

Dog of my dreams

Made another panda card. This time they are riceballs.

I got a bunch of exotic candy bars (heh, exotic to me!) from a shop in Santa Monica a week or so ago, I tasted them all at once…

So many strawberries!

TWEEDY ahaha. This is my casual Thursday look inspired by It Takes Two.
I had Thursday off work as well because I worked the previous weekend.

King Sufi

Totes LA

Squares and lines oh my

Alyssa had a goodbye thing at this bar/dance place in West Hollywood.
Marie and I sat on the sidelines.

Raise the roof

Was walking the pups and ran into a yard sale on my street. Did I nail it?

I'm going to stick with 'nailed it'.
The more carpet/grandma, the better for me.

Hello downtown

I'm home!!!!!!! Hello Snow!

So handsome

My mom loves these roasted corn kernels from a farm in central California.
They are like a rainbow of corn nuts.

Tubby always gets up in my shoes

Cat eyes

The world mama lives in

Whoopsies ended up here again

I spent Saturday night with my mom watching The Incredible Dr. Pol…most graphic show on TV.
So good. It's our show.



I also documented my Sunday at home with my family.

Sunday eve movie time with Marie and her sister visiting from Northern California.

We saw the Muppets 2. Just not even close to the first Muppets movie a few years ago. That was much more charming. Sorry Muppz.

And that concludes my Sunday and the week.

Apologies for lack in photos, but 2 documented days are coming! Check back on Wednesday for the first day!

Much love friends.

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