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My Week in Photos: March 10 – 16
I went to the beach an unusually large amount, ate soup dumplings and Progress brews, took a yoga class in a friend's apartment and took the world's longest walk with the pups. This was a looooong, but happy week. Enjoy!

Alright, we're starting with this with a particularly unflattering moment.
But shrimp salad! Memorable. Garlicky.

Spent most of the day working on #VictorianPose. Last week you may have noticed the sign I was making, and it was for this:
(Feel free to participate! It's fun, I plan to do one with the pups soon)

A sunny day, but a bit breezy. I'd say we're headed quite nicely into spring. (As if the weather has ever truly been cold…)

Zach, Kiki and I head to the East!!!!!!!!!!!

We visit a friend who just moved here from Texas and who is currently staying with his aunt.
His aunt has a totally awesome totally trashy all mirrored bathroom.

Chit chat

"Who wants to go swimming?"
……..it's cold

The next morning I went straight to the Getty Villa with my super fab notebook from my lovely pal Lena

The food at the Villa is always amazing and yummy. So after my morning meeting I stuck around for lunch time.

It doesn't hurt that the Villa is a nice location to enjoy lunch.

HOT CHEETO TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Tweedy

We powered through the last three episodes of American Horror Story: Asylum.

Coffee, yogurt, sweet and sour turkey patties. Wednesday off.

Went on an afternoon run around the neighborhood

Found this in a neighbors yard. Statue of Suferty.


Ballona Wetlands!


I forget that I live so close to the beach so I can just GO THERE. Weird.

We must help.

Is it unusual to see the mountains from the beach?

Always gotta be prepared with cheese, crackers, apples and blueberries at da beach

Well…found the shipwreck. I did a little googling and I think it's a family yacht that found itself here after a storm.
Pretty sad, but also bizarre that it's remained just hanging out on the beach.

People were just exploring the innards. Basically all the parts that could be sold were stripped. The bottom was completely in sand and sunken. The wood is already weathered.

The hardwood floors are intact, but the walls and windows are completely gone. Wires just hang.

Lovely seaside colors

Hurried home to get changed for a photo job I had to get to.

Receiving line area in a very fancy Beverly Hills hotel.

Occasionally there is extra food and of course I volunteer to help gobble it up.
I feel like a monster really quickly eating fancy hotel food.

Must continue to eat the cheese and crackers and salami…

The construction on the way to work has created quite the desert wasteland.

Banana cream pie for Pi Day!
(Well, on a Thursday. My dept had Friday off so we celebrated a bit early)

Filming some b-roll of scientists at the Getty doing cool science things.

The wisteria is blooming and so lovely

I've wanted to see the new institutional critique show at the Hammer, so I popped over there after work.

Not many people were there, it's nice to wander empty galleries.

Horrifying photos, I'm sorry. Hahah.

Sue Williams

Oh…maybe it was so empty because everybody was aware of an event.
I bounced outta there.


Creeper shot through Marie's window

Marielle lookin' fly

Marie made us delicious Japanese curry oh boy!

Followed by a night of hardcore giggling and Tindering

Friday was a foggy foggy morn

Which in dorky Getty terms means I'm now an Impressionist (I was an apprentice before). Yiipppeee!

Happy to be an Impressionist. Here's me as an impressionist painting jk jk jk

Made a baby arugula salad but bought a Ralphs rotisserie chicken *sigh* as always. SO TASTY.
(That's some buffalo sauce)

Lois and Hal killing it.

Marie had never seen Malcolm in the Middle! She was shocked it was so smart.

The gang's all here!

More oranges…that means more old fashioneds!!!!!!!!!!!

And the friends are over to drink the old fashuns.
I made about 10 of them and they were not as good as the last time. What did I do differently T____T

I did a little braid in my hair and got ready to go out when…*dun dun dun* the dogs peed on the bed.
So my friends went out and I stayed to clean the pee pee before it ruined the mattress hooray!

Well it was okay because Saturday morn I had to get up and get to the Getty for a special project (not special as in like…exciting, just needed to come on a weekend hah)

Finally got the okay from the curator to go ahead and post. *Whew*
http://blogs.getty.edu/iris/why-is-this-drawing-in-a-museum/ <—IT's live now!

Worked on my project, handed out maps, interacted with the public (weird and fun) and was ready for nap time!

Got home after lunch time and snuggled with Suf-dawg and prepared for more sunshine shenanigans.

The orig red box

Wetsuit beach time

Chugging away through this book that has taken forever to read…but it's still great! I just keep putting it down to finish other things.

Birds of a feather flocked together

Went on a lil' beach walk…the tide as high and so I thought it'd be impossible to find seaglass.
But look at this lil' guy!

Looking orange and splotchy but that's what happens when you look into the sunset I guess

A cheers to a happy birthday!!!!!!!

Good morning beach!

The best thing is finding seaglass in the morning

Back home I thought…hmm, the pups haven't been on a massive walk in a while!

Ran into the icecream man! Arroz con leche, for REAL.


Walked down by the bike path. Found this nasty water trickle "river", but nonetheless the pups were stoked to run around.

This poor lovely nostalgic ice rink closed in favor of a fancy rock climbing gym. Sigh.

Tried the new beers at my friend's brewery that I haven't sampled yet.

Kicking booty at Connect 4

Sash lookin' happy to play logic puzzles



Reach for the stars!

Light mustache

MUST. HAVE. Soup dumplings. Especially when out in San Gabriel.

Rushed over to Alan's house where Bryan was hosting a practice yoga class.
He KICKED my sad unhealthy butt. I'm so sore today.
He's auditioning to teach at a school more frequently, so we were the guinea pigs. Aka free class!

And that was my week! Seems like I squeezed in quite a bit…I feel like napping.

Much love friends.

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