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My Week in Photos: February 24 – March 2
A week with way too many evening activities, half-successful trivia, a sick Tweedy and questionable fashion choices.
Going back through this week made me sleepy! Enjoy.

Finally we got a few of sky tears!
It was so nice to walk outside to go to work Monday morning and smell the cleansed atmosphere.

I’m a knit bat!

My office mate has ALL THESE girl scout cookies chillin’ out.

The sky was very soft, like cotton candy, on my walk down the hill to my car.

“Pizza and Settlers?” Yeah.
Just gotta brag, I WON. It’s unusual for that to happen.

Sufi boy gets a rub down!
I’ve started watching the Voice this season. I’ve never seen it before…but Kiki and Gabby both wanted to watch while we played Settlers.
It was a good time, definitely.

Sufi getting spoiled and looking guilty for it.

Alright Tuesday, I’ll tackle you while wearing my mint chocolate chip shirt.

A meeting in my favorite conference room with this awesome wall.

It’s kind of embarrassing how many sweaters and shirt combos I have hanging in my closet.
I just get lazy and tired and in the mornings I just want to be dressed and warm!

In the eve Kiki comes back over to spoil Sufi (who looks like a pillow here).
We decide to check out Zach’s stand up show in West Hollywood.

At this shitty, tiny coffee shop a friend organizes a line up of comedians to do stand up.
Zach usually does a show like this here once a month, so we went out to support.
He was slated to do 7 minutes…but did 14. C’MON ZACH.

The hellish light from the coffee shop is a reminder of how unfunny some of those comics can be.
But there’s always a balance I suppose!

I get home and Tweedy is all “YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
I feel like the pups truly believe that I’ll never come home when I leave, so when I come back they are like “WOW, she’s back!!!”

So I wake up on Wednesday with a text from my mom on my phone.
“HUGE crash on the 405, only 1 lane is open!”
To those who aren’t from LA, the 405 is like the devil’s freeway. It’s always bad. And of course it’s the freeway I take to work.
I e-mail in that I’ll work from home in the morning, and head in after traffic gets better.

So I work and enjoy breakfast and coffee. *not bad*

Wearing my fancy jeans and weird patterned top cuzzz it’s a bad traffic day who cares!
Sufi doesn’t like my outfit I guess.

Yeah I guess this shirt doesn’t look as crazy in photos.
But it’s like…a weird stretchy fabric that feels somewhere between polyester, silk and spandex.

The tree outside my window is starting to get little, tiny flowers!

So I finally head into the office and I ride the tram up with lots of grumpy people who were stuck in hours of traffic.
To give you an idea, my co-worker lives about 3 minutes from me, she took the freeway and what should be a 15 minute drive took her 2 hours.
When I reached the top a visitor services person was like “Congrats! You made it.”

*Four hours later* I was on my way out and I noticed the 405 had an entire side of the freeway empty…
what the heck is with the 405 today!

I had to leave a little early from work to pick up Tweedy from the vet’s office.
I was flipping through their dog breed book and I found Sufi!

Finally got to see the boy! He has really messed up teeth and had to have an x-ray and teeth extracted. 😦

Got home and watched the new episode of Face Off.
Yeah…I really love Face Off.
(It’s a special effects make up artists competition reality show. Whew)

He’s all drowsy. He had to be anesthetized for the x-ray.

I had a craving for a strawberry smoothie.
I think I was watching something on TV that involved fruit smoothies, but it was worth it.
I blended some strawberries and bananas, not bad!

Thought that the rain would wash my car, but it just moved the dirt from the top of my car to the sides.

The rain has really made the skies look incredible.
Thanks, rain!

There’s this weird hallway on the lower floors of my building with these bright colors. No other place that I’ve found has such bright walls.

So I headed to the central garden to check to see if the azaleas have bloomed.


AND THEY ARE! The full bloom “peak” doesn’t last too long, so we’ll have to act pretty fast to document the color.

In the evening I met up with some co-workers to compete in a trivia night.

We got 7th out of 18 teams, not too bad!
It was a fun place. A pub that served fish and chips, boddingtons, bangers and mash…etc. I didn’t try the food, but maybe next time.

In the morning I vegged out in bed and updated my LJ with my San Francisco photos.

I had Friday off work, so I ran some errands. I checked out this art supply store near my place.

I had to buy some more paper to continue working on my watercolors.

I did a major clean up, including a lot of dishes, fridge clear out, and swiffering.
So nice to have a clean kitchen!!

I volunteered to help out at an event run by X-Tra, I wanted to check out the new issue so I read a few of the online articles.

I put on some bright weird patterns and headed out the house.

The event was at a gallery in a more industrial part of downtown.

The windows in the back of the gallery are colored and lovely.
They were made by an artist called Yunhee Min.

Ran into some former classmates who also were volunteering.
It was nice to see them and catch up (and grab free drinks).

The event was an auction (live and silent), I helped pass out food, collect trash, and wrap up works of art.
Nothing too high demand or integral to the evening, but I did run into some old professors and classmates. It was nice to see them.

Also was into the Unicef Tap Project this week, it’s easy to run while you sleep if you’re connected to wifi.

I finally checked my mailbox and was SO happy to see a lovely Valentine’s day card from my lovely friend Megan.

The next morning on Saturday I was invited by a friend who works as a stage manager to the Oscars rehearsals in Hollywood.
This is my Oscar face I guess.

My friend was working the awards show, so he got me in to sit in the back while they rehearsed the day before.
To be honest, it was a lot of waiting around between celebrities, but I did get to see a few people from my spot on the balcony.
Noteable (to me): Jennifer Lawrence (who jokingly said that Ryan Seacrest was best actor), Benedict Cumberbatch, Christoph Waltz, Ewan Macgreggor…yeah.
I’m not a huge celebrity follower, but it was nice to see just how intricate of a ceremony it was.
The tech stuff was all pretty fascinating.

Left a bit early – I WAS SO HUNGRY I wanted to eat my own hands.

Hit up the happy hour at Gyu-kaku mmm.

Later that evening Zach invited me and Joe to see a screening of a film he had a little part in.
It screened at this adorable theater with tons of charm in Westwood.

Just look how adorable the snack bar is!

Zach on stage for the Q&A with the other actors, crew and screenwriters.

The film was pretty well received!

Zach invited us to the after party, which was at a bar in Westwood.
We went for a free drink (how to get me anywhere) and then walked around Westwood a bit.
It’s a cute area, but just has such horrible parking.

After the ‘after party’, we went to Tom Bergins for some whiskles.

What’s a whiskle? It’s a shot of whiskey that you chase with a shot of pickle juice.
Too dangerous.


Sunday – *sigh* ALREADY!
I prepare pills for Tweedy who will only take his antibiotics wrapped in cheese.
It’s like an abstract work of art.

I slept in till 11…feeling groggy from all that pickle juice.

Mad chillin’, mad relaxin’.

I decided to make some old-fashioneds for the Oscars. SO classy.

SO PRETTY. Proud of myself for this one.

Ladies approved.

Gabby, the pups and Whoopi.

And a pretty lackluster Adena Benzle (or whatever John Travolta said haha).
WAS SO EXCITED TOO…oh well. Soundtrack on YouTube is good enough. 🙂

And that was my week! Hope you enjoyed.

Much love friends.

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