Saturday, February 15 – DAY 2 in the Bay!
Spent the afternoon being classy wine-tasting and eating olives in Sonoma, kickin’ back in a pool hall in Berkeley, nommin’ on Korean food and wrapping up with a house party. *Whew* Too much socializing for one vacation, but just enough salami. Enjoy!

(In case you missed it…): Bay Area Getaway – Day 1

Good morning, it’s day 2! We’re off to find some salami.

I love these little decorated electrical boxes around Emeryville.

First things first, gotta get our coffee on.


We grab some coffees for the road and a few pastries.

We head to this deli with this awesome graphic sign.

Genova Delicatessen

Time for the foggy, yet scenic drive to Sonoma.

For anybody who has ever played the Sims Seasons and had a garden..I think they got the dead grapevines pretty accurate.

We make our first stop at Cline Cellars.
We run into the Olive Festival! Which was a lucky way to try lots of wine for free AND many delightful olive oils/cheeses/tapenades fo FREE.

I was just obsessed with this little olive paper.

Two questions for Cline:
1) Why do you have this dude?
2) WHO MADE IT? Is this like…the way a local artisan makes money?

Zach gettin’ intimate with the wine loving possessed farmer.

Our first stop on the olive tasting train.
It’s a tapenade. I don’t remember the flavor. I remember saying “YUM!”

I can just imagine this view in fall when all the leaves are colorful.

We stood at this woman’s booth to try ALL OF THE CHEESE.
So tasty. She even whipped out a hidden smoked gouda for us to try.

After all the olive tastings, we tried out a few of the Cline Cellars wines. FANCY WINE PEOPLE.

Emilio and his lovely girlfriend Gaby joined us for some tastings at Cline.

Attractive friends being cuuuute

We head across the street to Jacuzzi Winery to complete our olive card and get a free bottle of olive oil!

As jealous as I am that Rachel and Aryn can hang out up in the Bay, it’s nice to hook up friends from different parts of my world.

*Spontaneous laugh*

Jacuzzi Family Vineyards – a lack of actual jacuzzis was disappointing.

ANOTHER ONE. There must be a dude who makes these for the area. Haha

At Jacuzzi there were lots of olives soaked in olive oils to give them flavors.
We tried them all muhahah

LOOK at that robot arm. Seems like you could take out an eye like that..

Strut through Jacuzzi girl.

That’s my girl.

Very classic fountain.

Such a gorgeous view, and what a ridiculous fountain.
We’re in California. Who are we kidding with that fountain.

Aryn, Queen of the World.

Sweet Gaby

Even more ridiculous sculpture in another one of the tasting rooms at Jacuzzi.

After we got our free olive oils for completing the four stations, we headed back to Cline to have our picnic.

We all enjoy the salami and cheese from the deli in Emeryville.
We got a drunken goat cheese and some brie. We also got some pesto pasta and mushrooms.

We were struggling with only a plastic knife to cut the salami.
We ended up with HUGE chunks of salami, but who cares when it’s so yummy.

Blah blah.

We decided to also share a bottle of wine from Cline, one that we had sampled earlier.

We got back to Rachel’s (about an hour from Sonoma) and we were wiped out…
We all lounged around, napped, read, napped, read, napped…

Then in a few hours regained the strength to continue on!


We mustered the strength to head out to a pool hall in Berkeley.

Rachel killin’ it in the streets.

Taking advantage of the bright white light of the ATM machines.

Cupcake smashed onto the mirror of the ATM.
What a silly burglar.

We made it to Thalassa, a pool hall in Berkeley.
It had a silly “tiki” vibe, and we waited about 20 minutes and were buzzed to pick up our pool balls.

Aryn and Rachel versus Zach and me.
I’m dead weight basically. So it was really Aryn and Rachel against Zach.

Serious pool face.

Serious pool face 2.

Not-so-serious face.

Serious face 3.

Not-so-serious face 2.

Not-so-serious face 3.


Emilio joined us so we could grab dinner after the game.

We went a korean place called Be Bop.

We got back to Rachel’s after dinner and just refreshed before heading out to Zach’s friend’s Olympics themed house party.

And that wraps up the evening!

Part 3 coming soooon!

Much love friends.

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