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My Week in Photos: February 10 – 16
A busy, yet interesting week at work. The Rwandan President. And a weekend getaway to see great friends in San Francisco!
Very thankful for the many laughs and happy shouting from this week.

This past week at work I had the awesome pleasure to watch a visiting photographer make a wet collodion tintype print.
It was for a video shoot, but he brought his dark room truck and went through the whole process.
It was definitely cool.

This is one of his smallest cameras! It’s from the 1880s, in beautiful condition.

After work I drove over to Sara’s parents house. She had to stop by while they were out of town so we decided to take advantage of a nice kitchen.
We made a squash pasta with spices.
Then we sat down and actually watched ALL of Rock of Ages. It’s just so bad.

Tuesday was a busy day at work, I was rushing around and looking at my phone when a bright yellow leaf hit my screen.
I looked up and noticed this view. SO GORGEOUS! Really shook me out of my routine, and it was a welcome distraction.

The next morning was a bit damp and foggy, it was a nice change.
I had to wake up early and leave to pick up a rental camera piece for a photo job this week.

Were they following directions or pushing limits?

The rental check-out was so long and exhaustive that I decided to break down and buy a McDonalds coffee.

I arrived a bit after 9, so at that point they stop running the employee shuttle and I took the tram.
It’s sometimes nice to slow down and enjoy the pacing up the hill.

Horrible quality photos (THANKS, iPhone), but I was wearing this dress and ran into a co-worker in the cafe…
Co-worker: “I have that dress! Where did you get it?”
Me: “I got it at a thrift shop! Where did you get yours? I’ve been so curious where it’s from.”
Co-worker: “NO WAY! I got mine at a thrift shop!”

Well…mystery continues.

The evening was the event I needed the lens for.
The President of Rwanda was speaking.
The event was interesting, and very long.

I got home super exhausted after working a full work day, and then a big event gig.
But I came home to my naturebox!
I’m a sucker for salty snacks, so I thought subscribing to a rotating sample food program would be a fun way to try healthier snack alternatives.
LINK! for discounts. Yeah it’s my referral, but $10 for the month is better than $20! Woo! T___T

Scary photo of baby arugula salad and sausage, peppers and onion mix.

I read a recipe for a cantaloupe mint smoothie and got really excited.
However, cantaloupe isn’t really in season and somehow I got a weird consistency…
I just jumped the gun. I’ll try it again in the summer!

I love shitty panoramas.
Back early in the morning to drop off the lens from the job the evening before.

Will never stop doodling.

The gang is ready to watch Thursday night TV together!

Canada shirt and Mike hat for a stay-at-home party.

Friday morning Zach and I headed up to San Francisco.
We both have friends up there who recently moved, so why not do a double visit.

I narrowly swoop in and win at life on the plane.

I was reading the food menu and noticed it said complimentary drinks on holidays, including Valentine’s Day!
SO I JUMPED ON DAT. Yeah it was a bit early…..but it’s a vacation! And free anything from an airline is magical.

Cloudy in the bay!

I took most of my photos on the big camera, which I’ll share later if y’all are interested!

Aryn points to the bridge in the distance!

I wish I could look glamorous ahhh

Ladies at Biergarten in Hayes Valley.
Guys…try the pretzel here. It’s so nommy.

They serve beer and snacks from these little bungalows in this lot.
Pretty nice to sit outside! And they have wool blankets for the cold farts like me.

Eyes for days!

We continued the party over at the Mint, a karaoke bar in the Mission.
This place has a lot of strip club vibes, but in a great way hahah.
Gotta get there early to sign up to sing, but if you do sing, you’ll perform on a stage with a completely awesome light show background.

The next morning we woke up early, picked up cheese and salami, and headed up to Sonoma.
When we got to the first winery, we learned it was the Olive Festival!!!!!!!!
Basically free samples of many kinds of olive spreads, oils, and cheeses AND wine pairings.
FREE WINE TASTING are you kittening me! What luck.

And the winery had gorgeous grounds!

The one across the street was also participating, so we headed over there for check in stamps and to receive our free olive oil!
Look at the gang, all so handsome!
L to R: Emilio, his gf Gaby, Aryn, Rachel and Zach

Back to the first winery to enjoy all the foods we bought with a wine from Clive.



Peeps gettin’ into flappy bird.

Got back to Rachel’s place and took naps, chilled out and hydrated after wine country.

Then we went out to a pool hall in Berkeley.

I may not be good at pool, but I sure love trying.

Especially I love pool when Korean food comes afterwards.

After that we hit up a house party in Berkeley to see and hang out with Zach friends.
We weren’t much fun.

This morning we went to grab brunch in San Francisco, and did a bit of Coit Tower sight seeing.

Also went to a house viewing that had the most wonderful views from the roof!

We went to Bi-Rite Creamery and to Dolores (is that what it is called?) Park for treats and sunshine.
So many happy dogs running around (and lots of clouds of weed).

Then we hit up another Beer garden type place called Zeitgeist.
We shared a few pitchers and chat chat chatted.

Had the most wonderful al pastor nachos nearby.

And then had to say goodbye to my wonderful friends that I miss so dearly.

I LOVE U ARYN & RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now I’m in bed watching this last week’s episode of Face Off.
Work tomorrow. *sigh*

Much love friends.

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