This is Saturday, February 8, 2014!
A day of American Horror Story, ultra cute pups, lots of mimosas and pouty friends.
I hope you enjoy!

I remember setting my alarm really early, at like 6:30 AM.
I like to believe I’ll be extra productive on weekends. But sometimes dreamland is just a little too good.

I wake up with a dog on my head most mornings.
It’s like sleeping in a fuzzy hat! (A stinky one…)

And there’s dog #2!

Before peeling out of bed, I spend a good amount of time doing internet and texting things.

The night before I was watching the Olympics opening ceremony…
Saw this on reddit in the morning. A+ shirt.

I am oh-so oily.

One of the best parts of the day is slipping into these comfy shoes.

Good moooorning, Gaaaabby!

Where you runnin’ to!

I can smell the coffee already made! Bless her soul.

Gotta use my squirrel mug of course.

Let the caffeine process begin!

Looks like Sufi got his paws on some caffeine.

Both rocking our Rite Aid comfy shoes.

Gabby and I have slowly been watching American Horror Story season 2.
We used to watch the first season in college, but I must admit it got a little boring. BUT SEASON 2 is SO FREAKY!

Just as we were about to get into the episode, we notice an error message with Netflix.

So we migrate to my room to hook up the laptop to the projector.
Tweedy isn’t scared! Not one bit!

After the episode finishes we head out to walk the pups.
And I see that a package arrived for me! I kick it inside.

Gabby where are you going!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here she is

I live near a crossover to a nicer neighborhood, so it’s fun to walk the dogs over there where there are big lawns!
Little dog, big world!

Hey guys!

Tweedy LOVES running in the wind.
And how adorable is that.

DOG FRIEND!!!!!!!!
We need a new friend while she was out getting the newspaper. Look how cute!
(Also look at Sufi’s face…)

Hahahah ahh, I’ll never get tired of that face.

Somebody’s sprinkler went cray. Not helping this drought sitch, guys!

Baaaack home.

Happy to be back!

Feeding time!

I open my package, it’s a gift. I won’t show it JUST IN CASE.

Time to clean myself up a bit.

And it’s time for Tweedy to also get cleaned up a bit.

Well…I’m clean. Tweedy still looks a bit stained.

But guess who gets a treat for being so good!

And I help myself to an Emergen-C. I’ve been feeling a cold or something coming on for like…weeks now.
I think I keep pushing it away…GO AWAY COLD.

Gabby and I watch some episodes of Jerry Springer’s Baggage.
It’s a RIDICULOUS show on Game Show Network. I highly recommend it to those who like to ooh and ahh but still want a little more structure than reality TV. 🙂

Sufi loves to perch behind me on the couch.

We were supposed to brunch at 11:30, but 30 minutes ain’t no big deal.

It just means we get a bit more Baggage time.

Was smelling a little too much like wet dog for my tastes.

Hair and face lookin’ little cray.
Time to get ready and get out of pajamas.

Lil’ makeup bag.

Triple mirror action shot

My crazy closet, and embarrassingly, my suitcase from Utah that I still haven’t fully unpacked.

Feels like the kind of day for a yellow sweater, RIIIGHT SUFI?
Alright, let’s get out of here.

So LA.

Quick stop by Ralphs to buy some essentials for brunch.


And mango juice.

Hmmm any guess to what we’re making?

Made it to Alyssa’s exactly at noon!

Welcome welcome

And HELLO to you History!

And she’s already back to chopping!

Let me bother History a bit more.
He runs away to Alyssa’s room…

Plus I gotta give Alyssa her Valentine’s Day gift!

And then I’m tasked with peeling and mushing avocado.

And Alyssa is STILL cutting purple potatoes.

James is here!!!!!!!!!

And Joe!

Red party cups make anything look really fun.
Even potato cutting.

*knock knock*

Everybody always wanna be in the kitchen.

Got some onions and tomatoes a cookin’.

And finally my avocado mush gets put on toast!
Alyssa adds some seasonings and *bam* it’s amazing.

James calls first dibs.

And Gabby comes! She had to run an errand so we came separately.

Look how impressive I look. Almost like I helped.

I guess I technically helped a little bit.
I cracked 13 eggs into the tomato and onion, and worked to get the eggs nice and crumbly to make Alyssa’s Persian omelet.

Marie sneaking a taste test.

Time for the second batch of mimosas!

Pass the bubbles

Sad candle, sad James

Yum look at those gorgeous potatoes.

Nailed it Chef Alyssa!!!!!!!


After feed time it’s bug History time

You look into his eyes and you see blankness. What is in his mind?


“Let’s watch something!”

Alyssa was getting picked up for a fancy charity event in a few hours.
Gabby did her hair while we all watched a little too much of the second Ninja Turtles movie.

I loike turtles

Lyssie being really helpful with the mimosa refills.

Gabby and I convinced everybody to watch the next episode of American Horror Story.


Where did the happy go?!??!!

It was quickly turning into evening time.

Alyssa gets some purple nails from Marie.

I don’t know even know who took these. It’s weird to see my profile/pictures of myself taken by others.

The hours have just flown by. We’re all just talking and hanging out, catching up, being friends, etc.

Even History comes out to be social!

Alyssa’s ride is on his way, so Gabby volunteers to do her makeup.

And she’s ready! In Leather! Woooo hooooo!

Aight, goodnight Alyssa, have a good time! Let’s roll.

Just as I’m leaving I run into Marielle arriving.

Another time, Marielle!

Can’t believe I was there for 6 hours! Felt so fast!
Stopped to get some gas…so thrilling.

C’mon cars! Why are you all out? What are you doing? Let’s all go home.

Scary shadows on my building.

And look who is SO EXCITED to have me home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sure the pups aren’t excited to see me. They just know they are going to get a W-A-L-K.

Sufi gettin’ pensive in the night

The neighborhood looks pretty spooky.

Time to get real comfy.

In my natural state. Spandex. Dog. Warmth.

Even though it feels like I just ate, I cook a bit of dinner.

I claw my laptop out of the workroom.

I eat my stir fry and go over Sundance film notes.

Watched the Olympics while editing an LJ post about the second part of Sundance.
(Sundance post can be found HERE)

After watching women’s short program I’ve decided to root for Russia hahah.
Was not enthralled with the US performance.

Getting pretty exhausted. I wash my face, brush those teeth, and wonder why I never move that hanger.

I thought I was only going to be able to make it till 9, was feeling pretty sleepy all evening.

And goodnight world.

Much love friends.

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