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My Week in Photos: February 17 – 23
Semi-home cooking, too many pup pictures, fancy eyeliner and karaoke.
Also pore stripes. And disappointing vet visits.

On Monday’s the public part of the Getty Center is closed, so it’s always a bit weird to walk around an empty campus.

Granola bar interprets the famous Getty Museum piano curve.

It was quite a dramatic and foggy walk down the hill.
Love me some blue sky.

Party poppers at a friend’s new apartment!

To celebrate we walked to a nearby sushi restaurant and caught late night happy hour (yippee!)

When I was in San Francisco I picked up this squeaky hamburger toy for the pups.
They aren’t like normal dogs and are pretty bad at playing with toys. This toy squeaks pretty easily, so Tweedy loves it.

This week I was working on a piece of writing for the Getty’s “online magazine” (blog) that should be up in the next week or so.

Work bathroom selfie. I get weird I guess.
Big scarf, big attitude.

Was particularly pleased with this 5 for $5 deal in the cafe.
Coconut curried lentils, rice and brussel sprouts.

Goat cheese, caramelized onions and tomato quesadilla for dinner.

Oh hello, good morning Wednesday.
I finally have a Wednesday off! I’m only 4 days a week technically in Gettyland, but I traded a few Wednesdays for some vacation time in Jan.
When I wake up later my eyes tend to be puffier. Cute.

The pups take turns keeping me company as I enjoy my morning cup of coffee.

I took Tweedy to his appt. to get his teeth cleaned without anesthesia, they were a bit behind in timing so I walked them around.

The pet place is on this street is near some warehouses and yards of sorts.

So unfortunately the vet found some problem with Tweedy’s jaw and was worried it might be a fracture.
He recommended that Tweedy get an appt for a jaw X-Ray from his regular vet. MEH.
So we just went home to chill for a while.

Somehow found myself diving deep into Malcolm in the Middle on Netflix.
I don’t regret this.

Soon it was afternoon and some dazzling reflections marked the garages.

And soon we were at Tweedy’s vet to make sure his face wasn’t shattered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t worry, he’s fiiiine. He just can’t have non-aesthetic teeth cleanings. 😦

When we get home Sufi has crowned himself King of the house.

Nose strips from Daiso and more Malcolm in the Middle.
Usually my Wednesdays are very productive, today? Not soooo much.

Got some rotisserie chicken, cooked up some veggies and made little tacos.

Trying to get my lil’ workouts done at lunch time so I can walk down the hill when it is still light outside.
*Sweaty at work* So fun.

All showered and clean! Refreshing way to end lunch hour.

The evening was so lovely – I hope they never take down the lights.

Gabby and hipster Tweedy!

His little face is SO CUTE I WANT TO RIP IT OFF.

Fridays are such an uplifting day. Sunshine and visitors and travertine *ah*.

The stone just soaks up the sun.

I left before the sunset so I could enjoy my walk down the hill with a lovely orange setting sun.

I made plans to see friends later so I put on bronzer *gasp* and sparkly eyeliner *GASP*.
Trying to glamour in my weird cherry dress. *Trying*

Hugging Sufi with my eyes.

First stop, semi-classy bar that has my favorite food truck’s food available ALL THE TIME ON SITE.
Tried out their jalapeno cucumber margarita. So spicy.

Next stop, my favorite dive karaoke bar. In our favorite spot we have perfect view of the karaoke area and the pool tables.

Team Alyssa & Sarah for billiards champs

Gabby, faithfully eye-ing the karaoke screen.

Jordan and the dudes singin’ along to what I’m sure is an extremely talented singer.
I love this place because any night of the week you’ll hear some really amazing voices.
Always singing great songs. No Journey.

It’s Saturday morning, time to CHILL OUT.

Went over to my friend’s new apt to oversee some unpacking slash hang out in the empty living room.
I love this gorgeous tree lined street!

Kiki in the semi-impractical enclave in the living room.

Kiki on the floor of the lovely, spacious livin’ space.
Ft. Wicker

Gabby and I decided we wanted snacks, so we left Kiki to her laptop and wandered down the street.

It was already late afternoon. The light was nice, but I can’t believe how fast the day was moving.

mmmmm hot cheetos in the shape of a vulva in my lap. So poetic.

Then I had to rush back to my place to get ready for a gallery opening I was invited to last minute.

Here for the Josh Cooley opening at Gallery1988.
Yummy drinks in sippy cups and lots of prints for sale!

I got this awesome Alien illustration.
The alien is so cuuuuuute.

Got home around midnight to a very foggy and mysterious street.

Sunday morning my parents came around noon to pick me up.

TO GO TO THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horrifying quality in all sense of the word.
But the Pantages theater is really gorgeous, I recommend taking a peek in even between shows.

I’d never seen Book of Mormon before, but had always heard it was great.
My favorite song was the Hell Nightmare. Big pink donut props, dancing skeletons, and twirling Starbucks cups!

After the show we went to Kim’s, one of my family’s favorite spots for hom yu.

Slurpin’ dat egg drop

I have so many great photos of my dad eating.

Had a late afternoon encounter with Bowser.

And then this eve I biked over to Blockheads.
It’s like between icecream and shaved ice, like a creamier shaved ice.
You can see they look like shaved pieces…SO TASTY.
You can top with whatever you want, I have oreos, mochi, strawberry and condensed milk. *drool*

And now here I am, listening to videos from my new favorite youtuber Emmymadeinjapan.
I know it’s so weird to watch somebody just eat candies and snacks from other countries, but it’s so satisfying.
Her reactions are all really cute, and her descriptions are very eloquent.
Plus it reminded me of the lovely treats I got from Australia and the Philippines years ago….*kind folks in the world*

Happy Sunday, and much love friends.

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