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My Week in Photos: February 3 to February 9
A week of film shoots and friendly visitors at work, dog days, and an action packed Sunday (by chance!).
Oh, and sushi. And more dogs. And a pug. Enjoy!

I’m probably annoying at this point, who knows if I can keep up this pace!
I posted the second part of my Sundance Recap, you can read it here. Part one: here.

So here we go, my week in photos!

The week started off with some lovely photos sent to me via viber by my friend Nancy from London.
She’s been dog-sitting the most gorgeous, giant pups.

Starting off the week with a semi-smile, the weekend was a lovely time with friends so what is there to complain about!

Coffee and a big ass spicy rice cracker, always the way to kick off the morning in the office.

The sunset was so brilliantly orange and amazing!

I mean look! Even the travertine turned a sun-soaked orange!


And what a bonus – two hungry deer on the side of the road on my walk down the hill to my car.

And for dinner, some leftovers from the Superbowl party…SPAM AND SALAD AND DIP….what a healthy dinner.

The next day the Getty Villa instagram account shares this photo…it’s JOHN SNOW (if you watch Game of Thrones).
Apparently he’s in the new Pompeii movie as Hercules, so he came to the Villa to meet the statue of Herakles.

Had a meeting up in a fancy meeting room that provides a nice view of the knuckle trees, coffee cart and main entrance to the museum.

And it’s the opening of two new photography shows at the Getty! Queen Victoria, a show that chronicles the invention and early development of photography using Queen Victoria as a subject. She’s the first monarch to have her life photographed. And the second show is Hiroshi Sugimoto: Past Tense, a show that shows 3 projects that relate to museums, the history of photography and the monarchy.

On Wednesday I got to come in a bit late to make up for staying late for an event.
Of course I went to a new favorite breakfast place for some poached eggs, potatoes and bacon!

I even had the time to walk the pups to the pet store for a few goodies.

Da pups LOVIN the extra attention.

Arriving to the Getty later than usual means I take the tram instead of the staff shuttle.
It’s nice to see and eavesdrop on visitors. 🙂

Had this for lunch. MY GO TO SANDWICH.
I must admit I had this 4 times this week…
It’s pretzel bread, turkey, pepperjack cheese, pepperchinis, red onion, lettuce, garlic aoili and honey mustard. OMIGAWD.

After lunch the team went into film shoot mode. I worked real hard as the test subject for focus and lighting.

We filmed an interview between the museum director and Hiroshi Sugimoto.
If you go to the Getty Trust youtube channel and subscribe, look out for this video coming soon!

Leaving late is pretty scary.

My team went to the YouTube Space LA for one of their programming best practices workshops.

It was aight…

The next morning I enjoyed a drive to the Getty Villa for another shoot.

Got my coffee, ready to go.

Based on a Getty Villa program about ancient aphrodisiacs and cooking, we made a how to video for a sexy cocktail!

A preview of the sexy secret ingredients! This video will be coming out in time for Valentine’s Day, if you need to seduce anybody… 🙂

It’s light pink, but very tasty. Not too sweet at all.

Went back to the Center and was greeted by a moody blue sky.

IT RAINED FINALLY! We’re in a drought, for all those outside CA. It was very happy to see some rain finally.

Thursday eve took a rainy day outing to a local bar that serves my favorite food truck’s food IN ONE PLACE YAH!!!!!!!!!!
Went a bit overboard…

The next day Kiki and friends came to visit me at work!
I love showing new visitors around the site. Kiki always does her good friend duty and brings new folks by.

It’s always refreshing and a good reminder to wander around the galleries.

Sometimes only interacting and strategizing for online audiences makes you forget the folks who visit site every day!

Nailed it.

So on Saturday you’ll hopefully be happy to know that I DOCUMENTED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’ll go through Saturday’s ADIML this coming week! It wasn’t too eventful, but man it was fun to get back into the swing of things.

This morning I woke up feeling like I wanted to be a bronzed goddess.
I threw on my sparkly sweater and a bit of golden blush.

I headed out past downtown LA…

To my friend’s studio to take some photographs of her finished works for her website.

After months and months of convincing, I finally got my mom and dad to go to one of my favorite sushi restaurants.


Paparazzi caught ma and pa leaving full of sushi

I got back home and took the pups to the local dog park.
I ran into this fellow who I’ve seen at the park before. HE LOOKS LIKE AN OLD MAN…

Check out this old instagram I took of him from weeks ago….

“Old Wizard’!!!!!!!!!!

AND LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We got to hang out with a pug. *My dreams*

I got home, ready to enjoy this cold beer and go through the photos I took for my friend when I received a text message.

Joe: “What are you doing right now?”
Me: “Drinking a beer and editing photos.”
Joe: “Want to go a Clippers game?”
Me: “YES.”

And suddenly I was at the Staples Center for a Clippers game!
Joe’s friend has amazing season tickets, and couldn’t make this game…so we go to happily use them.

We’re so appropriate for hardcore sports.

Soooo the Clippers fuckin’ kicked so much ass. They had over 100 points before the fourth quarter even started.
We got a free breakfast sandwich though. Sports games are weird…
The end was so boring because they put their worst players in and they were still kicking butt against the 76ers.

Annnnd now here I am!

Watching the Olympics, ready to head off to bed to start a new week.

I hope these updates are fun!

And look out for my documented day post coming out soon.

Much love friends.

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