Zach is buttering some toast with a fork and applying an orangey-pink jam on top. We’re sitting under a mosquito net in our guesthouse room as I download photos from my camera to my external hard drive.

Thought I’d take the opportunity to post a few more photos from our last day in Bangkok (till we return at the end of the trip) and overnight train experience to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

The lobby of our hostel in Siam Square area of Bangkok and proof that all my stuff fits into my comically large backpack.

Jim Thompson house. An American architect who stayed in Thailand after serving in the US military.

He started a business exporting Thai silk to fashion houses in Europe and eventually built this house for himself made of six teak traditional Thai houses he combined into one.

He went missing on a walk in Malaysia when he was on vacation. Many conspiracy theories about why he vanished…

Erawan Shrine—was built after accidents were halted construction of a hotel of the same name nearby. But it brought such good luck that it stayed up and now attracts people seeking good luck as well.

Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute aka Thailand’s first “snake farm.” Located adjacent to a huge hospital, here venomous snakes have venom extracted that is used to make antidotes for snake bites.

They also do educational shows and have exhibitions with snakes. We watched a snake handling show and wowow we were so close to a cobra.

Passed a street market on the way to eat some Tom yum hot pot. Couldn’t resist some wings and skewers…

Before heading to the train station we crossed over the canal by Jim Thompson house and wandered around.

The best part of any trip—trying the snacks. (Any snacks I should be sure not to miss?)

If you’re curious what second class on the overnight train looks like…it’s nice! 10/10 would do again. This is one of their new trains, I think #9. Your seat starts off like any normal train seat facing whoever is across from you, but at around 8pm attendants will come by and convert the area into two bunk beds.

Zach and I were across the aisle both on the bottom bunk (bottom bunk has the window btw).

It was cozy and fun and comfortable and a great value for accommodation and transportation in one.

Plus you get incredible morning mystical window views pulling into Chiang Mai.

Our guesthouse in Chiang Mai is inside of a refurbished home in a district of the city that has historically been a melting pot of people from other places (China, Burma, India).

Biggest leaf encounter

Walking around old city Chiang Mai

Wat Phra Singh

Double fisting a coconut and Thai tea mm.

Grilled fish with spicy dipping sauces mm

Lanna Folklife Museum—local art, life, and culture and ooooo all the textiles.

Rainy songtaew ride back to our hotel.

Post-rain beautiful light. Waiting to get picked up for the Thai cooking class we signed up for.

The class started in the garden, we learned about essential Thai herbs and veggies. Our teacher Chana then took us to a market nearby where we saw what ingredients we’d be using in our dishes in market form.

Got to make 4 dishes each—Zach made pad see ew

I made spicy basil chicken stir fry (little heavy handed on the oil oops)

Made our own curry paste!

Which is better? (We may have switched to throw you off…or we didn’t hehe)

My final two dishes, Tom yum (which was SO GOOD!!!) and my khao soi curry, also delicious.

Market view!

Okay! I’m going to get ready for our third day in Chiang Mai. It’s Sunday market day and I’m pretty sure we are going to be walking a lot. Can’t wait to eat…

Much love friends!

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