We’ve made it to Bangkok—and as I’m writing this we’ve been here for two days. As I lay in my hostel bed, thought I’d share a few photos from the past two days.

We stayed two nights at a guesthouse in a converted home on the edge of the river. It was so rainy the second day that the downstairs patio flooded—but the staff was on it. It was only high tide they insisted, very normal, nothing to be concerned about.

We just moved to a hostel kind of near Siam Square. The bottled water here tastes like nothing and that weirds me out. Might be used to the slight grime of LA tap water.

Bangkok also has the biggest billboards I’ve ever seen, like the combined width of 6 US billboards.

Lastly…Zach has already exhausted his “Wat a Buddhiful temple” joke. Make him stop.

Shoes on. Shoes off. Rinse and repeat.

View of the river from our guesthouse. So many dinner cruises going by.

I’m convinced these are little shih tzu sculptures in the Wat Pho courtyards. The tail, the attitude…so Tweedy.

Wat Pho

National Museum

Roof like an abstract painting

Wat Arun

Wok-fried rice noodles with chicken and egg.

It’s been rainy and humid, what I expected. I thought the humidity would be more unbearable—I only really notice how sweaty and sticky I am when I’m inside sitting still, which so far hasn’t been a frequent occurrence. Today we walked 10 miles somehow, we were lost for part of that.

Alright, off to bed. Hope you are safe and happy. Goodnight!

Much love friends.

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  1. Guh, looks amazing so far! Did you randomly go up to the restaurant w/ the fried rice noodle and take a seat at a counter outside? Or were you directed to this place? that looks. so…delectable. the exterior shot with the yellow stools are similiar to the neighborhood eateries in larger cities in PI, u just pop in and eat something likely greasy, delicious, and comforting.
    also you’re pointing out the sheer size of billboards reminds me of immediately touching down and driving thru Manila. iike FIRST OF ALL, HOW WAS THAT CREATIVE INSTALLED AT ALL?! secondly, i was fascinated by the products advertised. i saw billboards for canned tuna the most 😛

    i can’t wait for more of these updates as i follow along yr itinerary. have fun! be safe! missing you both! xx -kiki

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    1. Kikiiiii!!!! Hiiii! ❤️

      Zach read about this place but only had a vague name and neighborhood so we just wandered down the arteries of Chinatown looking for places selling fried flat rice noodles (like similar to the thick ones folded with shrimp with the sauce at dim sum) and asking folks in the neighborhood the name till we ended up in this empty alley way where the aunties were just chilling and talking to neighbors and we just watched the restaurant appear. P cool.

      I’ve seen lots of billboards where a beautiful girl is just pointing to a product and I truly don’t know what is being advertised ha. Seen lots for face whiting creams, but none for tuna…yet!

      Love you!!


  2. Seriously love how you’re on my familiar part of the world nowwww!!! ahahaha laughing at how thailand can look like manila in some of your shots. And those pictures with you and the temples!!!! So fab. Wat a buddhiful temple ahahahaha!!!

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  3. Just came back from Bangkok! Would have loved to stay by the river. My highlights were Lumphini Park, a cheap (slightly dodgy) river cruise, people watching in Khao San Road, and exploring the city via the Sky Train! What were your favourite things? (Curious for next time I’m there!)
    Abby – http://www.seafoaming.com


    1. Ah, I didn’t get a chance to check out Lumphini Park or do a river cruise. Next time! Had a curious time at the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute (the first snake farm in Thailand, they make antidotes for snake bites using venom). Also enjoyed just the chaos of wandering through Chinatown. Also had a great nice time wandering from Khao San Road towards the Queen’s Gallery and passing and exploring Wat Ratchanatdaram. Also loved taking the water taxis up and down the river, a fun way to get around for sure.

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