I’ve been working for a few weeks now to make the transition from livejournal over to wordpress. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Anders—he figured out how to get .xml files from livejournal that could be strung together and uploaded into wordpress. (If you are interested in how he helped me do this, let me know and I can perhaps throw together more of an explainer.)

What you’ll find here?

  • Documented days, you can see my other documented days here
  • Weekly photos, updates from my week-to-week from my iPhone, check those out here
  • Travel photos, hopefully slightly more organized here
  • Same ol’ me! ____aloof aka Sarah Waldorf aka SleepyWaldo


Please let me know if you find something funky going on with the blog, I’m still working out the kinks. I’m also open to suggestions on how to make it more readable and easy to subscribe to.

(If you did come here from LJ, let me know in the comments. I’m grateful you came by!)

Much love friends.

Posted by:sarahwaldo

By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog


    1. Hiiiii! You came over! *Tears* This is so weird to be writing in a wordpress comment box…thanks for following all these years. I’ve had to go through all…and I mean ALL my old posts to categorize, add tags, adjust privacy, etc…and man…I was a brat!


  1. Hiiii! This is exciting! The website looks awesome – very well-designed and professional. It’s clear you and Anders put a lot of work into it.
    I’m really glad you’re continuing with your photo-journal and thank you for continuing to share it with us!

    (i-ate-urhamster on LJ)


  2. This is super cool! Glad you were able to move all of your data from LJ! Looking forward to lots more posts from you. 🙂

    [shoebox-addict on LJ]


  3. LJ lurker and been following you since before —-aloof??? OMG this blog is so exciting!! And everything is so organized! ❤ Excited for your future posts!!


    1. BEFORE aloof? Oh man…you are from the spongebob days! Welcome! (And re: organization—I think a major part of my hesitation to move away from LJ was how disorganized things were…I didn’t even add titles or tags to anything before 2013/2014 really…)


  4. Your new blog looks so good! I’ve been an LJ lurker since the dawn of time haha (buitengewoon on LJ), can’t wait for your new posts! xx


  5. OH MY GOODNESS! I’m so glad you’re continuing on. I’ve been a long time lurker/follower (since like, 2007?) and I’m so glad to come out of the woodwork over here. I’m glad there is a little community of us… Waldos?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m so glad you’ve moved your blog but will still keep posting! I’ve followed you since ~2010

    Please consider making your landing page non-tiled; it is a little hard to figure out the exactly chronology of posts for lazy people like me. But regardless of this, I will still remain a loyal reader!


    1. Thank you for following along!

      And I appreciate the feedback—I’m still not sure 100% how wordpress works, so maybe I can add a function, page, or stream that shows chronology better?


  7. I followed you over from LJ, where I was an anonymous lurker. Glad you found a new platform. Your photography inspires me.


  8. Another LJ lurker here (orangesoda20). So glad you’re continuing to make posts! I’ve always enjoyed your photos and your willingness to share your life with people. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  9. had been following your lg through the years. First time at your new place! Excited to read all your future entries!


  10. Just hopped on over from LJ! Wasn’t an active commenter but I’ve been an LJ follower for many years. Site is looking great so far, good job on importing all those entries!!


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