This is Saturday, April 4, 2015!
The day my family chose to celebrate Easter with all the cousins! A massive Easter egg hunt, deviled eggs galore, an intermission with puppy cuteness, and lots of food. A super heart-warming, outdoor-lovin’ day with the family.


Totally realized I never posted this day! Sleeeeep in.

Still tired though

Water my basil

Did a bunch of cooking the night before, the kitchen was a bit messy. Clean up…

Such a lovely day today! The trees were trimmed this week, so now our kitchen is so much brighter

Join the pups back in bed with a cup of coffee

Some morning redditing

YAAAWN smell da hand

Shower it up


Surf instagram while my face mask settles

WHAT TO WEAR? Having a weird not-sure-if-I-like-myself-slash-my-clothes day.

I stay in the baggiest version of everything, knowing we’ll be eating a bunch at my family potluck.

Let’s go!

Oh hey Zeen

Driving to the other side of Los Angeles

Spring flowers in the front yard!

My sweet Tubby! Always has to get a belly rub immediately.

Here a bit early to make a bunch of deviled eggs

The night before I boiled 24 eggs, and today I had to peel them all

Oh yeaaaah #eggporn

Snacking on my mom’s homemade hummus

I decided I wanted to dye my deviled eggs, but the color wasn’t too strong. Oh well! I guess the pastel is pretty nice too, and very Easter-y

Eggs scooped ouuuut. So many yolks.

Sprinkled with fresh dill. Gorgeous!

Snow came out!

So as the eggs chill we stopped by Gabby’s place to see Russ the golden doodle puppy

He’s such a naughty puppy!!!!

So hyper! We chased him around the yard but he never got tired.

Proud mama Gabby

His paws!!

Russ really loves Zach. It makes me so jealous.

Back home! Let’s get ready to go to the cousins.

Got the eggs out of the fridge, ready to go.

At my cousin’s! Unloading the car. I can hear my lil’ cousins screaming already. We’re all getting together to celebrate Easter on the Saturday before because my cousin had a new baby and we all wanted to meet her (and they could only come Saturday).

Dora the Explorer

Attempting to build a giant table with blocks. It didn’t go well.

As more and more little cousins arrived it quickly got chaotic

Running around ensued

And of course a super competitive game of hide and seek

Everybody is called downstairs for an Easter egg hunt!

Looking a bit confused but excited to get the hunt started

The new baby cousin! How sweet is that face.


From sweet to weirdo in 2 seconds

Everybody is running up and down through “the Jungle” and down by the house. So many screams of “egg! egg!”

*Squeeeee* So many emotions

And when the $20 egg is found, the hunt is done.

Everybody reviews their finds

Zach’s playin’ bball with the boys

Sweet Char

Time to eat! Buffet style.

Some ham, brussel sprouts, meats, salad, fruit, potato salads, salmon…

My oldest lil’ cousins ❤

HIGHLY chaotic group picture

My nearly-teen queen

Playing outside with the zip line!

Helping the lil’ cousins get onto the zip line.

Oh Blake.

View from the hillside

Patiently waiting for her turn to go


She’s almost too cool to play with us. Almost.

She was obsessed! I was so surprised. She’s usually very cautious.

He was super shy on the other hand

We played until it was dark, and then we played inside some more. *Whew* Left while the kids were counting their winnings again.

Walked home!

Tubby being a brat

Then went to head out back to my part of town

Human potty ad

Felt peckish (YEAH peckish)

Stopped to order pho take out at one of the only open restaurants on the street

Home sweeeet apartment

Not for you


Pho on your couch with some Gilmore Girls? Doesn’t get better.

Bed time routine

And then I’m done for. Exhausted and ready for sleep!

So grateful to have such an energetic and big family, though. 🙂

Much love friends.

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By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog

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