This is Wednesday, February 25, 2015!
A more average day off for me. Lots of chores, photo editing, and hiding from the sun during this random February heatwave. Also seeing Gabby’s new apartment and picking up a visiting German friend from the airport.


It’s my day off, I can sleep in till 9 if I wanna!

My hair is in a weird in-between long/short state so it gets really tangled and crazy if I keep it in a bun overnight AND if I keep it down. No winnnn!

Keep basil alive

Wash up some of the dishes from the day before, and throw in a blanket that was smelling a bit too much like the dogs.


Sunniest place in the house goes to the plant

Back to bed to play some Animal Crossing (not sure why I’m not totally bored with this yet) and some Trivia Crack

Laying around in the dark room with only natural light trickling in while chilling in the morning is really one of my favorite things.

Sufi is like a cat. He loves looking out the window at the passing dogs (and usually is actually staring at nothing)

WHAT are you looking at.

Tweedy becoming more typical shih tzu. He really needs a haircut.

I saw the magic word and they start flapping their wings. “WALK!” (but in a super annoying high pitched voice). Works like a charm.

Lesss gooo

Ghoul tree face

Little flowers blooming on the neighborhood trees

Post-walk sun soaking.

A little breakfast

And a little hydration

Something tells me you want to come inside, Tweedy.

Slip into my running gear

And 2.5 miles later! I’m back. And much sweatier.

I keep reminding myself not to run in the afternoon (but rather in the morning or evening) because it gets too hot. But. I have to run when I feel the motivation and sometimes the timing doesn’t work out.

Shower time for me and Tweedy


So tiny when he’s moist

He hates being left outside alone. But he needs to dry!

Okay okay, I’ll come out. But I gotta get dressed.

Wearing one of my favorite shirts

Outside to brush the pups. This may not look like a dog, but this second picture is indeed Tweedy’s head smushed into the pillows.


So later today my friend who is currently in the States visiting from Germany will be returning from her mini-trip up to the Pacific Northwest to stay with me.

Do a bit of cleaning and get her room set up.

Still haven’t made my MRE yet! This isn’t an official one and is missing the flameless ration heater, which I’m a little bummed about. But.

There’s Tweedy, still yearning to be inside

And Sufi, hiding between the cement blocks.

Aight pups, get on inside.

I clear out the fridge and clean out old tupperwares of leftovers.

I get my grocery bag and head off to the market

Neighborhood is quiet. Nobody wants to be outside, it’s too hot to be February.

Square buildings make for geometric shadows

Grabbing new detergent. It’s always when I decide to walk and bring 1 bag that I remember I need things that are very heavy.

Some eggs, some chili seasoning mix.

And of course a bunch of cans…

Eager to get inside, it’s just too hot.

Ditch the sunglasses and head to the kitchen.

Hey Sufi, can you help me put this shit away

1 PM!

My dumb onion holder that I love.

Browning some turkey

Adding in seasonings and onions and then toss that into my slow cooker. Going to let that hang out!

Do the dishes like a good girl

Had some leftover turkey because my slow cooker is so tiny, so I decided to make some turkey patties.

I’ve never made a turkey patty like this, but it was pretty good! Put some garlic salt, cayenne, pepper and mixed it into the ground turkey. Made into little discs and cooked on the stove!

Followed up some with arare.

Sat down to go through some photos on my hard drive

Whilst watching The Mindy Project – I’m about halfway through season 2 now.

Bothering Tweedy

Got a post up on LJ and then started catching up with travel photos. Soon I’ll be posting Granada and Sevilla!

Iced coffee cool down power up

Migrated over to the workroom to work on Zach’s silly website interstitials

Sun is going down already!

Yeeeeeah. So, it’s kind of coming together? I must say, I thought squarespace would be much easier to use. It’s not very intuitive.

Tired from looking at a screen for so long.

But baby Sufi came to sit with me!

Adding in these “working on it” graphics…yeah, he’s a nerd.

Speaking of the nerd. He’s here to cook some eggs. Be useful! (And he works in a furniture studio/fabrication shop, hence his always dirty shirts)

Zach works on the eggs, I worked on the chili. Fair-ish?

Fried egg with spicy turkey chili and a splash of Frank’s hot sauce!

Tweedy is into it

I put some pants on and pack up a little doggy bag for Gabby. I’m heading to pick up Hanna from the airport, and then we’re going to check out Gabby’s new place.

So busy! Who knew that Wednesday eve was the day to arrive in LA.

She’s here! Throwing her stuff into the car. Let’s roll…

As we’re on our way to Gabby’s she calls and asks if we can grab some beer. Sure thing.

So different from my own Ralph’s. They should be more uniform with the store arrangements, I get so lost!

Wow found our way to Paris in the checkout line.

Made it to see Gabby’s new pad! It’s right on a gorgeous marina.

We get the full tour, and settle in to catch up and watch some TV.

We hear some noises and look up. OH HELLO!

Lil’ pup on the stairs. Looks like a second cousin of Tweedy or something.

I brought Gabby some of my chili, but she had already ordered us room! So kind.

Pizza and an assortment of appetizers.

I already ate, so I mostly sat back, snacked on the garlic knots and enjoyed the FINALE of Masterchef Junior!

Girl talks

Around 10pm we headed home.

Pups happy to see Hanna again!

Getting settled back in

And watching some more Broad City before bed. I’m obsessed.

Put the jammies back on to do the jammie dance

And magically it was already midnight! O___o

Goodnight world.

Much love friends.

Check back soon for travel updates! 🙂

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By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog

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