This is Saturday, December 27, 2014!
The second day of my family’s annual trip to San Luis Obispo in California. We meet some sleepy elephant seals, dabble in wine tasting, and I spend my time touching winery dogs and cats and smelling like garlic. Classic. Enjoy!

(Sorry I’ve been absent – I’m just now getting over a really nasty flu that I came down with on January 1! Yay 2015)

When traveling with the parents, anything later than sunrise is considered sleeping in. So here I am. Sleeping in.

In fact they’ve already left the room and were waiting for me in the cafe.

Root through my clothes stashed in the corner

And throw a cozy combo of the softest sweater and newest mama-made scarf.

I head out the door and past the Christmasy gazebo.

Follow the path to the Breakfast Room. I think I want to have a “breakfast room” in my house some day. That’s a nice goal.

Spotted! By the faux-window.

I love these wrinkly little shitty sausages so much.

Got back to the room…feeling tired…too tired…

But LaurLaur’s here, she kicks my butt into high gear with her sporty shoes.

That hair.

Mom pics taken by mom

On our way out to the car to go on an elephant seal hunt.

Hop in the car with Lauren and her parents. She’s only here for a few more hours, they are leaving a bit early, so gotta soak it up!

Driving between San Luis Obispo and Cambria

Our first road side stop did not yield the elephant seals we were looking for…

Instead we stopped by Moonstone Beach, I found some sea glass to take home with me.

The beach had these gorgeous rocky formations

And rocky shores with neon green grass!

Made a new little friend

Melia’s dad convincing us that moonstones are just normal rocks. And then telling us there are jade pieces scattered on the beach. No idea what is true anymore.

But the faux-jade haul sure is pretty

Trekking back out from our “moonstone” hunt

Our adorable mothers

We kept journeying up the highway…

AND WE FOUND THEM! The elephant seals!

They were mostly laying around, sleeping, or flicking sand onto their backs.

Bye! One family breaks off from our little family trip to head home early.

They come to shore for a few months to mate and give birth

Can you see the lil’ baby one on the right of the big mama!!!!!

We always stop at Linn’s in Cambria. There’s a little restaurant and also a store that sells all kinds of sweets, pies, and treats.

So many jams! Including olallieberry.

Tin stalls in the bathroom

Met a new friend. How can you resist a sunbathing cat.

Waiting patiently for our lunch

I ordered a meatloaf melt. Which was amazing. ❤ meatloaf I'm not ashamed!

Last shot!

And we head back towards Paso Robles to hit up some wineries.

My Christmas wound is slowly healing

First stop! Pear Valley.

Gorgeous weather. Chilly but sunny.

We all order a few tastings to share.

Melia, suspicious

The dads do most of the choosing. I must admit I don’t know much about wines, but I do know I love reading descriptions of wines written by wineries. (Who would advertise the taste of pencil shavings or tobacco? They do!)

Dad, doing wine.

It’s also a weird requirement that wineries have tacky wine-related souvenirs.

Mama is outside chilling, enjoying the atmosphere.

Truly a gorgeous afternoon!

Mama and me

The dads wrap up inside and load up the trunk. We head out to the next place.

I know I’m going to like it here. We get out of the car and are immediately greeted by this pup and a kitty.

Cat butt.

And inside, another cat! A puzzle cat!

This pup aching for food

I didn’t even try any wine. Just played with the kitties and pup.

Third winery in, we’re just here to pick up an order my dad was set on.

A golden hour pick up!

Telephone wires.

Such a sweet place. They also have bocce ball! (Too bad the courts were occupied)

He’s happy, he has his wine.

On the road back to the hotel

Back to the room with a bit of free hotel coffee to relax, read, and rest.

Mama plays her bejeweled game that is always blasting.

The gazebo is now all lit up!

We all walk up the street to a place we discovered last year. It’s like a fake Boiling Crab.


My mom and I shared snow crab legs in their equivalent “whole shebang” sauce. It’s cajun, lemon, and garlic flavors all mixed together with some MSG! Heyo.

It was delicious! (Though their fried pickles were not very good.)

After that splurge we waddled back to the hotel, happily

My bed

Watching some Family Feud, showered up, etc

Set my phone on its charger across the room at 8:30, and laid down for the evening.

Much love friends!

(And yes! I know I owe weeks of weekly photos. They are ready to be posted!)

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