A documented day that features mundane chores around the house, a haircut, overly documented dogs, a watermelon run, and of course time with the family. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

I think in the past I’ve done Christmas Day, but for some reason this year I’ve been really into finding and capturing the lazier days with my family. The transition days. Being 24 is like a transition year. In this day I literally go from my apartment bubble of “semi-adult” living and bring my things back to live at my home in South Pas for break. I forget the stresses of semi-adult living to indulge in times with my family. My mom’s cooking. My dad’s handiwork. Sitting by the fire.

This is what troubles me the most. Missing these days with my family. The days when health was taken for granted and coming home was just a 45 minute journey. I seek to preserve these days the most…

Up at 8? No work today! A Christmas miracle!

Waking up with Tweedy in the perfect little spoon position AND IN HIS SWEATER is too much. I know.

Demon #2 over here is ready to get up

Demon #1 and I are just not ready yet!

This bedside table has so much shit on it I’m afraid to find a corpse if I sort through it.

I know. Carpet needs vacuuming. The struggle with animal hair never ends…

Um…are you guys coming out or what?

AM Yoga with Tweedz

Eyeball rubbing with the Waldo

Light a candle. *Fingers crossed* this makes chores and cleaning up to go home go a bit faster.

Coffee’s brewing

Morning light is nice

Sweaty coffee machine

Rip the sheets off the bed. It’s the best to come home after being away to clean sheets.

Sufi doesn’t help EVER

Into the laundry you go (Not Sufi don’t worry)

Did I show you the new shelf Zach made for me? It’s a beautiful grey/brown wood, with plated metal the “color of a dirty penny”. I need to organize my books, so for now my LEGO Big Ben goes up there.

Cleaning up my watercolors. Mama wants me to make some cards for her while I’m home.

And while I’m in here I get sucked into doing some work… (shouldn’t complain as “work” does involve Tumblr)

I peel myself away from the workroom, and find the boys being good brothers for once.

Blankets still crumpled from Kiki’s sleepover. I’m a bad home-tender-fixer-upper.

Getting my hair cut today! How short to go…hmm…

Okay! My watercolors/camera stuff is packed.

I put together the last day of the LEGO Advent Calendar. It’s a festive Santa-like Boba Fett. I saw online some people got Vadar…*jealous*

Bring my coffee to sit down for a sec

I think I used this photo last time as reference for my last haircut. I shall use it again.

You worried?

Was spoiled with an early Christmas gift of a 3DS. *TOO KIND* *REALLY* I was droppin’ mad hints about wanting to play Animal Crossing after I watched my friend in Vienna play. I’m a 9 year old forever. Does anybody else play this? Are your townspeople supposed to be mean to you? What is going on!!!!

Change into human clothes. Sufi watches…

I’ll never not be amused by their faces/jumping when you say “WAAAALK!”

Descending to Earth

He looks so festive with his sweater and the grass

TWEEDY get out of there


The neighbor’s house makes these light splotches appear at certain times of the day. I like them. They are like an old friend.

Back home, chugging that coffee.


My eyebags have been getting out of control. Don’t you think?!??!?! I THINK.




It’s like he sits there whenever I have a task to do involving the bed.


Do all the dishes!

Put all the dishes away!

Ah, so many choices now.

Leftovers for lunch. (TOO MUCH RICE)

He watches me struggle with quantity

Off for my haircut!

Through the neighborhood

Drove past this church I never noticed before…

You can see the Sony Studios rainbow from where I parked!

Was in there for a not-too-long time. They are super friendly here. I’ve only been once before but they remembered me. (Or at least their computer system did)


TWEEDY, do you like it? It’s still wet cuz I was too cheap to pay for a blow dry.

Put the new sheets back on the bed.

Sufi…what do you want.

Goodbye apartment! See you in a few…

They are so annoying to drive with. Tweedy has to sit on the driver’s lap. And Sufi…well, Sufi never sits down!!

Never seen a whole warehouse get fumigated.

LA street/sky life

Passing downtown

Sufi finally sits on his mushroom

Since finishing Serial, I’ve been really into podcasts. Radiolab has so many episodes and always has great storytelling. I was listening to Black Box on the way home. Check it out!!! (If you listened, did you decide to click the link to see how the trick was done? I didn’t. I’m going to stay naive.)

We’re home! Sufi immediately has to go pee in the neighbor’s yard.

MY TUBBY! He’s so unsure about the dogs.

I’m home for a minute before I get sent on a grocery run.

Hey Ralphs, nice to see you.

If you’re looking for dying Christmas trees, Ralph’s has ’em.

Melon run complete.

Get out this way

Such a sunny day today.

I get home and mom hands me envelopes for the thank you notes I’ve yet to make for her.

Trying to get my mom to make a Mii on the DS.

Gabby drops by!

Gotta see the boyo!

And my dad forces her to look through the travel book. It’s like the equivalent of a slideshow of travel photos, but this one also has my dad’s wordy text describing what time we ate. (To be clear, I love these books. They encompass so much about my dad that is uniquely him.)

Sad he’s not getting attention.


My dad got me a little Santa beanie baby! I remember every year he used to get a bear from Starbucks on Christmas eve, they used to sell them dressed up like snowmen, reindeer, polar bears, etc.

Sun already set! Dang.

Yoko goes out with my dad for her walk. (Aka her wander in the front yard)

The sky looks like cotton candy

Ah, so magical


So happy to have another Christmas with Yoko.

The pups get a dusky walk.

Tweedy takes a poop in the middle of the road. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.

*Ahhhh* the holidays

Inside is a bit more chaotic. My mom is cooking dinner and the animals area is full of pee pads and blockades. Poor Yoko can’t see anymore, and she pees constantly.

Mama gets the food ready for the BBQ!

So. Good.

Sufi enjoys the fire.

My dad BBQs. The usual.

“Stand under the light!”

THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! BBQ Shrimp AND New York steak?!?!?! So spoiled.

After dinner I help my mom wrap Christmas presents.

Simple and cute!

The dogs are mad chillin’ by the fire.

Solemn Sufi

I get my parent’s gifts wrapped and secretly tucked by the tree.

I always make my mom a new calendar for the year, full of photos of our trips and family times.

My dad gets a book (as usual) and a little thing you clip on your clothes while you run to track your miles, pacing, etc. He does this already but MANUALLY. Time to help him into the digital world.


Trying to find a Christmas movie, but instead we settle on watching Iron Man 3.

Tweedy is tucked gently in. The sound of Robert Downey Jr.’s voice lulls him to sleep.

First night back in my bed. It’s always shocking how firm it is.

Much sleepy. Christmas day is almost here! I remember getting too excited to get to bed, laying there in silence. It’s not that I’ve lost the excitement for the day, but now I think I love sleep too much to delay it.

Goodnight! And happy holidays.

Much love friends.

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By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog

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