This is Saturday, September 27, 2014!
Kicking the day of with some Beyonce crafting and closing it with a rooftop comedy show/Twilight Zone evening. Coughs in between. And a nap. And of course celebrating Kiki’s b-day!

Thanks for reading!

Good morning! Happy Saturday!

Tweedy is conveniently tucked behind my pillow. He doesn't mind me sleeping on him, but he gets so mad at Sufi if Sufi even gets close to his butt.

Sleepy Sarah is sleepy.


My kitchen is messy, I was baking (baking is kind of a generous word – more like putting boxed ingredients together) the night before.

*Ahhh* Much better.

At this point, I've had a cough for about 2 weeks. I've been trying different combinations of medicines to reduce my body aches and get rid of my cough.

This didn't really work. My ceramic sink loves to be stained forever.

I've been loving my old school Disneyland mug these days. It's a big mug, perfect size.

Taking my coffee to my work room where a dress I've been working on for Kiki's b-day present is finally done drying overnight. We watched On the Run the other night and she joked she wanted Jay-Z's Rodarte jersey.

The day before I scrambled around calling different places to find a place that sold blank jerseys. Finally found a t-shirt warehouse that only sold basketball jerseys. I decided to go with a black dress, make it at least a cozy thing to wear at home if it didn't turn out perfect.

The night before I printed and cut out my own stencils and used fabric paint to get the 99 on there. Then I bought iron on numbers from Michael's.

I think I left the paint to dry too long with my shitty paper stencils. Oops.

First attempt at ironing on the letters. Had to eventually do it again without the towel buffer.

Goin' cray for On the Run!

Had to round out the present with an ugly face Beyonce card of course.

Still kind of delirious and tired, probably from inhaling all that paint.

My hair is preeeetty oily, but I have no time to shower. Must head off to Kiki's b-day brunch.

Tried to be cute. But. Hey.

Well, I TRIED! Hahah, and of course the letters are all jacked up and the paint still has paper stuck that I couldn't peel off.

Throw the Beyonce package of weird into the car

Let's go!

The clouds are just showing off today

Dirty car floor, hey I'm not perfect

10 minutes later…

Come on, B


Okay, here's the moment of truth. Will she like it?!?!! Why am I so nervous.

HEHEHEHE so silly. Careful what you wish for.

Here she comes! Lookin' fly!

Here comes V! With champagne in hand.

Mimosa girls! Gettin' on that Frasier grind.

Cheeky Gabby Gabby

Mid-mimosa realization – we need more champagne

Gabby on a mission

She's the queen of the Ralph's pumpkins

Coffee and champagne, that's the breakfast of champions

Kiki's mom made a delicious quiche.

AND bagels! Hey!

Dwight is joining us for breakfast

Ladies breakfast. Veronica and Gabby chortlin’ at something or other.

Passing what appears to be a mini-castle. Dang

I started feelin’ a bit sicker, so I told myself I would pop by the walk-in clinic.

Schweet, nobody is there! I’ve been here twice, they have been playing Matilda on the TV both now.

Cute little bulldog! Leaving the clinic with a semi-solid diagnosis of bronchitis. I derno. She was preeeeetty wishy washy, but yeah I guess I’ll give the antibiotics a shot.

Dropping by the pharmacy

Oh yeah, it’s Halloween time.

Gittin’ those meds.

Getting home and Zeen is dropping off his moped.

WHY u flipppin’ out!!!


Not feeling hot, just want to lay downnn. I know I promised Zach I’d go with him to his friend’s lil’ bros bday party. But. First. Nap.

I feel like wearing my big ass button down skirt (again – for the second time this week).

So. Groggy.

Suuuufi! What chu doin’? Just sitting on a mushroom? k.

Let’s go!
*tired eyes*

Coughing, that’s my thing these days

I’m all about wearing wrinkly things.

Eating my senbei snack in the car

Everything ordering themselves in single file

Into the Valley *dun dun dun*

At Evan’s sweet family house

All about these festive elements

Gorgeous backyard! It’s apparently a nature preserve

There’s now a Dunkin Donuts now in Los Angeles, everybody is pretty excited about it. I don’t like doughnuts tho…I know….I know….


And my most favorite thing ever is this Pikachu covered in fake spiderweb. To me just screams childhood Halloween and I love love this visual

Magic hour, observin’ the scene. Good times.

And then pizza showed up. Heyo!

Enjoying the atmosphere

Evan’s sister made this awesome finger bloody cake

Party lights! (Supposed to be used underwater)

Participated in my first “jam sesh!” I mean, I played very very quietly. I don’t know how to jam, don’t know music….but that was pretty exhilarating.

So pumped

Haaappy Biiiirthday

You could actually SEE STARS!!!!!! Can you believe it??

Picked up Kirk and we drove over a roof top in Venice

This dude does a rooftop comedy show and people bring lawn chairs and just chill.

It was a bit chilly, but a fun vibe

Zach closes the show with like a 20 minute set. Woooop!

And then everybody goes back to their apartments, leaves the roof abandoned…*siiigh*

Headed back home. Pretty tired at this point, that lil’ nap wasn’t enough.

Having some of my Twinnings

Dirty microwave, but heating up some soup. Here’s life.

Kirk and Zeen bein’ chatty

Introduced to the TWILIGHT ZOOONNEEE!!!! I can’t believe I’ve never watched before!

So many pins in my hair

Tweedy ready for bed

Doin’ classic Clash of Clans dumb stuff.

*siiiigh* Time to sleep. 1 AM. ZzZzzZzzzz


Much love friends.

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By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog

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