This is Sunday, September 21!
A stay over in South Pasadena, a baby shower, thrift shopping, and lots and lots of kitty pics.
A day of driving, familial love, and horrible TV shows. Enjoy?!?!

Good morning! When I'm home in South Pasadena, I like waking up early. I like impressing my parents, and showing them how responsible I am. But I blew it…stayed up late watching Chopped and the Amazing Dr. Pol. And yes, 8:30 is definitely sleeping in to them.

The saddest part is Tubby wasn't in my room to greet me, as usual! 😦

Never tired of my floral sheets and green sleeping bag. This is home.

My uniform

Parents having coffee, dad gesticulating wildly (as usual). They finally notice me peeking around the corner. (I think the camera shutter gives it away)

Good morning, sweet Yoko!

Snow camped out by the window

Little golden beauties chilling on the counter.

"Let me get Sarah her coffee."
"Why…let her get it herself."

Heh heh delivered to me by dad.


Brothers. I'm so happy they have found each other.

Sunday breakfast! Eggs on toast, hashbrowns and turkey bacon.

Oh, you're just sitting there?

You know I can't just let you sit there.

How can you resist. I pick him up constantly. Cuddle bug.

Gotta give the old lady, my original sister, some love.

Looking at a dropbox of my friend's travel photos from when he was here for 2 weeks.

Classic at-home potty portrait

MmmmmMMMmMm delicious cleanser.

"We have 10 minutes!"


My cousin and his wife are having a baby! Today's the shower.

Wearin' a dress.

Mama driving

Mountainous Monrovia

The party was at the Monrovian. They have an upstairs banquet space.

My mom and my cousin's wife.

Syd being Syd

I'm horrible at these games. We weren't supposed to say "baby" and I pretty much blew it within 2 minutes. Syd was pretty pleased to have stolen my pin.

My family is constantly growing lil' cuties. I'm so lucky!

Loving little monsters.

Sandwiches and salad for lunch

You solve that Rubik's cube! Wooo!

Guuuh. He's not going to be the littlest anymore soon.

*Heart melts*

Draw a baby on your head? Okay sure.

Egg baby

On our way home.

My mom felt like shopping at the mall, I threw out Goodwill instead. I like this one.

"Which shirt will dad like?" They are basically the same shirt, ma.

Scouring the store.

So I had a pile of about 15 items. If I see something I even remotely like, I'll throw it in the pile.

Big jacket with sweater neck details and sleeves? Ugly? Weird? I'm kind into it.

More form fitting than I'm used to, but for some reason into these prints.

More in my comfort zone

The rejects on the left, the 'yes' pile on the right

Home tiiiime.

Flat kitties waaaaiting for love

No immediate rub? He's right there on the table.

Just sharing what I got at Goodwill. Sorry if this is boring? Clothes. Yeah. This simple shirt was $4.94. I was looking for something comfortable to take on my trip (we'll be doing a road trip portion) and I can see wearing this a lot in the car.

Huge green shorts – $4.04. They fit at my waist and mimic the shape of a skirt. Weird, but I'm down?

Tots Basic Top – $4.94. Probably the least value for this item – but I'm happy to have another basic tank to wear under sweaters to work. A pop of pre-k color heyyy.

Chess Top – $6.29. Yeah. This is a scary shirt for me. I love the sleeves, and have lots of dresses to wear this over. Also, this with my weird green shorts? Yeah.

Patterned skirt – $6.29. It's stretchy, it's not wrinkle prone. It's great.

Blurry dang, but you get the pattern.
Turquoise Graphic Sweater – $2.51. Hits at the waist, I'm so excited to wear it in Europe!

Big confusing coat – $4.94. It was less than $5 and it's just something weird and wonderful that I loved.

I got these items for $33.95, approx $4.84 per item! I'm pretty pleased.

Cats agree. Good deals.

My mom helping Tubby take a selfie.

Mom wanted to go out to dinner to cap off the weekend I spent at home.

"Are my leggings backwards????"
They were.

Japanese food for dinner.

Agedashi tofu? Deconstructed?? Not a fan, it was missing something. Plus the best part is it's soft and saucy and lovely.

Mom liked it though.

Shared a sushi combination plate. The yellowtail was yuuuuum.

My mom loves sending me away from home with a full belly. I appreciate that.

Warm sun on my neck

He's irresistible

Dad always helps me load my car

Back to the westside.

Sunset drive

It's calm on my street

Not calm in the house

Immediately switch back into pajamas

TWEEDY!!!!! I missed you.

Shower for me, bath for Tweedy

Clean, teeth brushed, face washed. *Ah*

Need to find a place for this box.

Catch the dogs kissing outside

Internet time while Zach edits.

I've been coughing all weekend. I feel okay, but this cough just won't go away.

I left my workroom door open (and the futon down from when some overnight guests stayed over). Usually when it's quiet, Sufi is doing something bad. Like peeing on the rug. I rushed in and found him adorably snuggled up in the futon.

I SEE YOU. Sitting in the dark.

I felt tired, so I laid down to watch Emmy Made in Japan. She perked me right back up.

I finished the new season of Masterchef (does anybody else watch!!!) and then watched an hour preview for a horrible horrible new show called Utopia. It's just…such a trainwreck. But I watched it.

And then I found the rest of it online to watch. I think one episode is enough for me. It's a pretty aggravating show.

Real sleep time now.

Much love friends.

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