From Venice to K-Town to West Hollywood, a whirlwind day of overindulgent eating, but all to see good friends from around the world. Hope that’s okay! Enjoy.

Yes, I know today is supposed to be weekly photos, but I have no memory to edit on my phone and I need to go through them. But! Here’s a documented day from last week.

8:30 AM rise and shine. I set my alarm for earlier as I have a friend in town. He’s extremely jet lagged so I was expecting texts starting at like 6:30 AM.

Good morning, Suf.

We were out real late the night before, doin’ a young person going out evening in West Hollywood. I had a drink that tasted like strawberries. I’m pretty sure I can still taste strawberry…

It’s like he wants something…

What Suf!!!!!

Friend on his way! Gotta get dressed. I’m also off to Gabby’s b-day brunch, so I throw on my cherries dress.

It’s fun to be in the backseat for once.

Jules, fresh from London. He’s on an American road trip with a friend. Naturally he points at stuff.

Alien garden in Venice

Abbot Kinney bakery!

That features this planter…which seems like the long lost cousin to my hamburger ceramic chip and dip dish.

This bakery had pretzels the size of my butt

It’s breakfast and he orders a chocolate cookie. “The biggest I’ve ever seen!”

Fresh air!

They are planning on doing a beach thing, and I separate ways to walk over to the brunch place for Gabby’s thaaang.
(Look at this dog)

This street is full of cute shops, restaurants and gardens (Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach area).


Primitivo. (Yeah, I booked this reservation but found the place by caveman googling “delicious brunch and mimosas on the westside”) <-Ew.

Friends arrive!

Elderberry white wine sangria *oooooh* with grapes!

Is there anything more beautiful than egg yolk?

Do other cities out there love brunch as much as I feel like LA does? Like the whole weekend brunch thing…eating outside. Drinking bottomless drinks.

We part ways once again.

Back from brunch, Zeen pointing at things.

Where’s Tweedy?

WHO CARES. Just change into lounge clothes. Stat.

Who is he waiting for?

We’ll never know.

I should do other things, but I just want to play the Sims 3 for a bit. Yes, the Sims 4 came out! I’m going to wait till they do some kind of expansion pack or upgrade. Yeah. I’ve watched demos. So what.

The face of a slug…feeling guilty about “wasting” the weekend.

The boys come back from the beach in time for an early dinner.

I took my friend Lena here too when she visited from Paris.

All you can eat Korean BBQ for $22.

Shrimp, all kinds of beef, pork, intestines, octopus…



Back to my side of town

The day before we did some other touristy LA things (including look out from Griffith observatory), now we’re on the opposite side of town.

People are always running up and down this hill. I can’t hang.

Flat, expansive, not bad.

Return of the jumping photo!


Quick stop. (I NEED COFFEE)

Get a room.

So tired at this point, but third change of the day. *dang*

What can I buy at this “store”


The moon being all coy.

With Zeen to poke around the Palihotel restaurant/bar area.

Hawt on Melrose.

LOOK at this bathroom!!!!!

I liked the vibe. Preeetty coo!


And so so so tired. So tired. SO. TIRED.

Technology till dreamland.

Much love friends.

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By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog

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