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My Week in Photos: January 20 to 26
A week spent in the wintery wonderland of Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival.
Friends, pickles and snow shots, of course.

Tuesday morning was a day of excitement – I got to wear this awkward turtleneck I bought recently at a Goodwill…very itchy.
But my work room was all together and the flight to Utah was looming.

My mom’s cousin had a birthday, and she’s seen Weezer a million times.
She’s followed them around and been to dozens and dozens of shows.
So naturally I made her a Rivers Cuomo card.
I’ve been trying to teach myself a lil’ watercolor technique. It’s been fun.

Had to squeeze a round of Mario Party in before the flight.
I WAS WINNING, I never win. And yes, Luigi represent.

My dad and mom came to hook it up with a ride to the airport.
They love to babysit Sufi.

Made it to Salt Lake City and was picked up by my Uncle and Aunt.
We all went out for a nice dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant at 9th and 9th.

Zach shadow face.

My cousin Valerie has the most adorable, weirdo dog named Frannie.
She’s shih tzu, pekingese and rottweiler…weird.

Zach and I ventured up to Park City and met up with Marie.
Marie has been slaving away in Park City for the festival for the last week, and I finally made it to say HELLOOOO!

The next morning I noticed some deer tracks right outside the bedroom window!!!!!

For a person who has never really interacted with snow until my 20s, it’s STILL amazing and fun and my first thoughts are always “snowman…snow angel…snowball fight…”

Planning the Sundance schedule for the week. Putting in ticket orders and scrambling to pick out what seemed interesting.

Utah wasn’t as cold as I thought it was going to be. I feel like previous years were much chillier.

Traveling from theater to theater.

Slept with wet hair in a bun…lookin’ like a middle school girl who just discovered a curling iron.


My Uncle (who I saw earlier in the week) LOVES Squatters.
I really do associate visiting Salt Lake with going to Squatters.
Gotta grab the pickle chips…

Sweet Marie in a sleepy pile of pillows.

Somehow found myself in a flower shop…of course the only interesting part were these amazing weird owls.

El Chubasco – Mexican food in Utah! What whaaaaat.

Even the dirty snow is pretty to me.

When the atmosphere is purple, how can you resist taking a million photos.

So happy to see lit up trees once again – I thought the holiday spirit had drained from the world!
But here in Park City the lights are alive and well.

Waiting in the lines before the films.

After a series of very intense documentaries, the discovery of this frozen glove was just enough joy to keep me going.


And of course a nice glass of red wine to end what was just such a lovely trip.

Truly grateful for the kindness of those close to me!

I saw 20 movies at Sundance, while that is only scratching the surface of the festival, I’d love to share my thoughts and ratings of the films I did see. If anything, it’s helpful for me to unpack all the things I saw, things I liked, didn’t like, etc. I take movies extremely personally. It’s an extreme blow to my emotional state, creative state, and mood in general. I just really internalize interesting and well-done creative endeavors. It’s hard. Hahahh, so I did write a few first thoughts down about the movies I was lucky enough to see.

Any interest in hearin’ bout the flicks? Some might not make it out, but many probably will! Anywho…

I have photos from Utah as well, more than just the iPhone photos. Might be able to post with the reviews, of course if there is any interest.

Much love friends!

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