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My Week in Photos: January 13 to 20
A week spent eating a large amount of sushi, playing board games, working late and enjoying the long weekend.

We’ll see how this goes!
I’m going to try to do a round up of iPhone photographs taken over the course of the week.

Hopefully this will be a fast way to get a few “everyday” posts out the door to you!

I’ll insert the photos I instagram as well, in embed form. I think it’s always interest to reflect personally on why those specific images were chosen to stand as a representative for my day on that that platform. (Wow, Sarah. Overthinking social media.)

So here it goes – iPhone photographs from throughout this past week.

This is my bedroom window. The apartment doesn’t have the best circulation of warmth, so this room tends to be the coldest.

Behind my building. I think this view is particularly L.A.

Heading into work a bit early in Gettyland.
The light is always at the tippy top of the hills at this time.

This is a new thing at my desk. Not sure who put that dvd there or why I haven’t noticed this reflection before.

Yeah – I can wear a tank top to work. It’s that warm.
I know…sorry about the cold, rest of the world. (Minus the southern hemisphere)

The Getty Center still has the holiday lights up! If you search The Getty youtube channel you’ll see a video I made with them in just a few hours.
That was stressful…(but fun!)

I like to walk down the hill back to my car in the parking lot.
It’s fun to look forward to leaving work with this view.

There’s a sushi restaurant called “Yen” near Pico Robertson.They have happy hour every night…
It’s so nuts! You can get a hand roll for like $3-4, an order of sushi for $2-4, a beer for $3…so on and so forth.
I went with some friends after work and WOWOWOWOW. I’ll be returning.

After sushi we went back to Alyssa’s place.
This is the cat that currently lives with her – his name…History!

Zach and History flirting.

It was the 40th birthday of the Getty Villa.
So of course I had to have my morning coffee in this mug.

A beautiful view, but of a tragedy.
The Colby Fire swept the hills in the San Gabriel valley, and this huge cloud of smoke just drifted past Downtown LA, past the Getty and towards the ocean.

That night I met my long-time friend Candice (from my asian league basketball days).
She goes to UCLA, so we met at the Gyu-Kaku in West LA.

When I got home, a few friends came over for a board game night.

Tweedy was on my team.

We played Ticket to Ride. I highly recommend this game if you play with really competitive friends.
it’s hard to know what the other players are doing until the end (which for me helps direct the anger…haha)

Jordan brought coffee icecream.
And yeah – need to put this washer/dryer on craigslist. It’s just sitting in the garage.

Sufi and Gabby partied hard.

The winner was Sash. HE ALWAYS WINS.

Another view of my end of workday walk down the hill. Sometimes I see deer on that patch of grass.

It was a bit earlier than usual, so the sky was a pale blue.

Alyssa and I had talked all day about making mojitos.

And we succeeded! Not bad. RIP Limes.

Started the weekend off right with a game of Mario Party in bed.
Kiki came over with a friend from Illinois.

Zach gettin’ bossed around by toad.

That night Mama and Papa came over. I made them some salad, they brought the lasagna.

We went to the newly renovated Forum in Inglewood for THE EAGLES concert.

I used to watch Hell Froze Over with my mom on VHS. This was before I understood the concept of roles in a band.
I used to think it wasn’t fair that my favorite, Timothy, only got a sing a few songs! And that the singer was very selfish.

Weekend lounging.

I went downtown to the LA Art Show and Photo LA.
Wasn’t too thrilled. Nothing particularly great.

Hehe except I did get treated to Sugarfish. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Zach’s friend works as a stage manager currently, and he invited Zach and me to be audience members at a taping of Whose Line is it Anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here we are as line leaders about to enter the studio.

A shitty secret panorama I took of the studio. We are in the block that is in view behind Aisha, the host.
Episodes will start airing in March.
It was a looooong taping. Like…6 hours almost. I was pretty exhausted and hungry at the end.
I was really impressed with the cast, who did improv for all that time! And whenever they had to reshoot, they’d do it over again, but differently.
Real pros.
❤ Colin.

Monday was MLK Day.
Gabby took me to the beach with her where a bunch of her work colleagues were hanging out.

It was a gorgeous afternoon!

Quite the way to wrap up the week.

Selfie with sunset.

Then I got home from the beach DETERMINED to re-organize my work room.
I bought new furniture pieces at Big Lots this morning, so I knew it was today or NEVER that I’d get it together.

And here’s another shitty panorama of the completed room!
This is after like 4 hours of work into the eve. I love it though!!!!!!!!!!

And that wraps up last week!

I’ll be in Utah this coming week for Sundance. Pictures to come!

Thanks for reading.

Much love friends.

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