This is Friday, July 24, 2015!
Celebrating mama’s birthday with a French brunch, a romp at the dog park with the three pups (YES THREEEEE), a taping of Detective Dick Duquesne (Zach’s podcast), and lots of attempting to nap but failing.


Friday morning, off work…*sleepy*

Leo creeping up from the bottom of the bed like a spider. (Pet sitting him for a few days!)

The pups quickly decided that Leo is the alpha and have huddled together to avoid angering him

Have to find a better spot for my pads…ruining the vibe.


Coffee grounds everywhere

Out of milk…nooooooo.

Sat down to illustrate a scene of ducklings on the LA River for my mom’s birthday. She LOVES ducklings, she sends me so many photos of the same family that she and my dad go to visit.

Bathroom time

Face is on (lip is bleeding cool coool)

Happy Birthday, Mom! Also got her a puzzle to do with my dad, also featuring ducklings!

My mom brought ME shoes! She just felt like giving me something…*spoiled*

Before we head off to mom’s b-day brunch, we’re taking the dogs out to the dog park

Dad trying to control 3 dogs…the best.

Leo is on the scent of the other dogs

I think my dad would prefer just to carry around Sufi all the time

Classic dog sniffing

Mom enjoying the shade

I miss having a dog that wants to play fetch (Yoko is too old/blind now sadface)

Time to head out, Leo is ready to go.

Bye bye Boneyard

Tongues out…

Sweet Tweedy

Dropped the pups off at home before heading out to eat.

Getting hungry

Well look who joined us

My mom chose the little French brunch place near me

Iced coffee plzzzz

*Derp* orange juice

I get the same thing every time here. Croque Madame!

Chicken burger and creamy leek soup

Love ya, ma.

Such a good red wall, had to post a pic of my kitty bag that I love so much now.

We’re back, all the dogs are PUMPED.

Lounging around now, feeling exhausted! We were out until like 3 AM the night before.

Demanding to be pet

Taking a walk to get some errands done


Here for like…2 things and I think we came out with 5 or 6.

Cute gardening stuff if you have a green thumb! (Unlike me)

Back home

Zach got to work on finalizing the sound effects package for the evening’s Dick Duquesne podcast taping.

I watched some important Gilmore Girls

I also worked on some UX Design homework. *Feeling pooped*

Texting with Rachel, getting excited for Outsidelands. She accidentally put on her wristband and had to request a new one…hahah

Slightly napping, continuing to watch Gilmore. It’s getting to the juicy parts!!!!!

What is that hat………(It’s for a character in the show)

Kitty tears

Taking surface streets to Fairfax

Running a bit behind, but waze is taking a weird route

Made it to Open Space on Fairfax!

It’s a coffee shop up front, and through the back is a whole theater space

Getting set up

Getting my posters resized and framed

Actors reading through the script, Zach and Ari giving general notes, and of course theater staff setting up sound equipment. And the tiny door is a part of the live foley sound effects booth!

Notes for live improvisational pianist

Sound booth and playbook! (In Christmas colors)

Last minute rehearsal!

The show has begun! Ari and Zach intro the episode.

Interaction points for the audience to get involved

Recording is a go!

Great show! This one was the goofiest of all, and I think when the show hits the goofier strides it’s the best. I’ll let ya know when it’s live. Episode 2 hasn’t even come out yet online.

10:30pm…hungry and tired. But have to clean up and take friends who kindly came to see the show to eat across the way.

Blurry Fairfax shot

Twisting to see the drinks menu right behind us


Staying around to talk with cast, crew, and friends

Canters, I love you. Wish I had matzo ball soup.

Home again!

Night shower



Naughty Leo trying to drink out of cups

Tweedy licking my lotion…

And finally off to bed!

Good night!

Much love friends.

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By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog

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