A really stressful work week paired with a stressful few days of my user-experience design class means a weekend in Long Beach enjoying the sea lions in life!


Good moooorning workplace

I always like this little dry brushy hill

Listening to Gilmore Guys

My plate is more colorful than usual – and it’s so exciting to see more corn popping up for lunch!

Bathroom surprise

Heading to Santa Monica for my UX class

Good morning. Up to the coffee cart (blew it and ran out of coffee!)


Work has been killer, literally

Nice puffy clouds

Sleeping HARD.

Trying to look cute

Makeshift lunch at home

Heading into class, startled by a lion

Looking ahead to FRIDAY plz come faster

Love getting office treasures in inter-office mail

Cleaned up my desktop a bit

Heading off to grab Kiki from Century City

*Fancy parking lot*

*Fancy leaving parking lot*

*Fancy walking around Beverly Hills*

First time at the Annenberg Center for Performing Arts. I drove past this every day when it under construction when I lived in a different part of town.

Waiting for our order from the food truck! Cheddar beer is okay…jalapeno and salt and vini are better.


Free wine hey, being annoying pre-film screening of The End of the Tour, about a reporter’s experience of living with and interviewing David Foster Wallace for 5 days after his book tour for Infinite Jest. Apparently the dialogue is based on the actual tapes the real life reporter David Lipsky recorded back in 1996.

South Building vibes

They have fun turquoise everywhere!

Super clear day today

Wandering around talking to visitors

I’m like 10 visits away from 200 visits to the gym waaaa

Beautiful sunset

Picking up sushi on the way to Zach’s friend’s house in the Valley. The sushi was really really good – but they were so mean 😦

Why you so sleeeepy

Trimmed my bangs badly again

I’m just a regular ol’ egg

Cleaned HARD Saturday afternoon

Seeing WATERS live at the Getty for their free concert series. They just finished a tour with Matt & Kim, they were fun, real upbeat and energetic.

*When I was at my mom and dads…*


Sunday day out on the town

Going to Long Beach with this nerd

The Small Cafe certainly has LARGE plates


Hi baby puppy

Here’s Naples, Long Beach. An area for really rich people to buy a house that faces this little canal


So many people standup paddle boarding! I thought there would be gondolas…haha.

Kind of a snoozy area. I thought there’d be maybe a little boardwalk or something.

Making all the residents feel uncomfortable


Fountain in the empty town square. Feels like we were on a backlot

Heading over to the Queen Mary, cuz WHY NOT

We love to hate communism in the US

We got the tickets that get you one tour on the Queen Mary, and entrance to the Aquarium of the Pacific too. You should get the history tour, because the “ghost tour” haunted house is realllll dumb. There’s a longer walking tour with a host who walks around the ship and explains the paranormal activity, so that may be better but that tour didn’t come with the ticket we got. Notice the blood splattered curtain design.

Just being dumb before we could figure out where to get the audio guide


Seagull! Boats are crazy. Oh yeah, the Queen Mary was a fancy cruise ship that could get real rich people of from England to the East Coast (New York, I think) in 5 days or less. Tickets for 1st class were something like (equivalent) $27,000. It was used between the 1930s and 1945ish and then was repurposed as a soldier-carrying ship during World War II. Here’s some info on the history and the…*spooks*

Where was all the bird poop? My main concern. FOUND IT. In this little alley.

Picture in the isolation ward…stowaways stayed in the bunks here when they were discovered. (But the main use was for sick peeps)

Front of the boat!

Looking at the outside of the ship but from an indoor viewing point.

Helps you look down to see the giant propellors (one of four). People of course throw coins….and dollars for some reason.

Quick snack break before the Aquarium

Aquarium of the Pacific! I’ve been here when I was like…but I didn’t realize how awesome it is! You can pet rays, sharks, sea stars, fish…….and they have otters! And penguins! And sea lions!

So many jellies

Little tiny ones


Sea lions! So playfuuuuul. The best to watch. You can see them underwater and go outside to the above the water viewing point too

Cuuute, swimming upside down

Only complaint? Too much papyrus. Everywhere.

Petting rays. They were SO scarily active.

Kids using their parents cellphone lights to get the penguins’ attention?!?! Seems…cruel?

Zach’s favorite ray

Hey cutie

The most delightful otters!

Hungry now.

Korean tofu soup because WHY NOT

I’m tired too.

Much love friends.

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