The end of June and 4th of July – it’s officially summer in Southern California. It’s hot and horrible, but that means more reasons to get sweaty outside instead of being sweaty inside (especially without air conditioning ahhh).


It’s my first night of a class I’ve just started. Want to be comfy but colorful…*first day of school jitters*

Tryna gain confidence all day

Saw some deer munching on grass on my way down the hill

First class, right before gobbled down some quick dinner from the Co-op next door

Sufi’s been so melancholy lately


Bust out these oxblood shoes that I haven’t worn in a while. Digging them again.

Found some donuts upstairs, brought them down around to my co-workers


Alex is in town!!

First things first, Mitsuwa. Have to go at least once every two weeks.

Everybody eatin’ tendon while I eat my soba

Kitty at the bowling alley

Who wore it better

After bowling we played way too much Paper Boy 2

Aw our baby kitty cat keeps falling off the window

My hair is getting wilder and wilder

Need to get blonde hair ties

Flip flip

Second day of class, more food from the Co-Op

Evening street lights in Santa Monica

AW, Alex left me a treat tucked in my sheets

Good morning

Beautiful day!

Loving these minion ads

Mermaid wine!

Sriracha covered shrimp chips

Oh yes

Mitski show at the Echo

Sweet Kiki defending me from the moshers

Front and back. Great show!!

Taking the boys for a special long walk on the off Friday

Tweedy gets immediately pooped

Love my series of dogs sitting on other animals

You can see Downtown LA in the far distance

Look who came to join us! Gabby and Russ!

Dogs getting used to each other

Getting used to the leash

I told Gabby he looks like a clothespin. Do you see it?


He’s just an adorable monster

Two pooped pups

Somebody got some special treatment

Everybody needed to be carried (we look like one of my favorite pictures)

Sandwich stop!

Getting some friendly blisters

Singing our hearts out in the middle of the afternoon

Lipstick makes my face and lips look weird I think

Meanwhile Kiki is perfect

Beautiful homemade pina coladas!

Nailed it V

I documented this day, you’ll see more of the 4th

Including all this popper cuteness

And dog shots


Waiting for fireworks to begin


For anybody who was curious to hear Zach’s podcast (the live radio show that I do design work for), here’s episode 1! It’s a noir style radio production meant to be like a radio mystery, but of course written with a contemporary comedy angle in mind. It features a detective named Dick Duquesne, it’s written by two boys so lots of dick jokes just fyi. Hope you enjoy!

Trying to exercise outside again

Attempted to blow dry my hair, but didn’t have time to finish

Lunch with Kiki and Sara at Sage!


Bein’ girls on the Westside

Waiting for our Blockheads

MmMmmMmm blockheads.

Sad, ignored Tweedy

Wasn’t feeling so good, decided to be snuggly and watch Legally Blonde on Netflix

Sufi joined me

And then ARYN facetimed me from Madrid. SO happy to see her face.

Crappy chinese takeout for dinner

And this beautiful poetic fortune to end the week.

Much love friends.

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By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of

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