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This is Sunday, April 12, 2015!
My first full day out in Chicago with Kiki as my guide. A move from the downtown conference hotel to “Bucktown” followed by brunch, mimosas, and about 4 different games across Logan Square.


I was in Chicago for a conference, it ended the day before. My first good sleep in since arriving!

Enjoying my laying around time in this luxurious hotel bed

Time to pack up

A perfect fit! This never happens.

But then I remember all the toiletries. Oh well. The effort was there.

Face on *hopeful glimmer*

Bundled and ready to make my big move away from the conference hotel to the airbnb I’ll be staying at closer to “Bucktown.”

Got all my stuff! Here we go.

I’ll miss these ridiculous elevator bays in this hilariously swanky hotel

Check out

So ornate

Catch a cab to lug my stuff across town

The kind driver didn’t know where I was going, so he whipped out this little book with addresses. Haven’t seen a paper guide in a long time, kind of refreshing? But ultimately he pulled out his phone and plugged in the address to waze.

Shots from the car (there will be a lot, haha, Chicago is photogenic)

I’m like Hillary Duff abroad

A beautiful neighborhood! The buildings are all pointy little triangles stacked on rectangles. A totally different vibe than downtown. I appreciate this.

I drop my things off at my airbnb (which was great!) and then headed to walk to the nearest blue line station

Views from one street

Good solution.

Approaching the big street

Kiki was texting me at this time “go up the stairs, we’ll meet you at the top”

Sniper, engaged. Kiki spotted.

I love the Chicago “L” I don’t care who knows!!!!

Platform babies

Morning glow on the tracks

Took the blue line a few stops to Logan Square

Out to the fresh air

Logan Square!

Put our names in at Lula Cafe. There was about an hour wait. Sent the boys in to get some coffees and found a seat to get our appetites primed.

Great view to stare at everybody in the window seats

_MG_0392 copy

Only a little spillage

Still waitin’

Stillll waitin’

Stiiiiillllll waitin’

And we’re in!

You know when you’re so hungry but you wait too long to eat you aren’t really hungry anymore? Hard to choose what to get.

Lula, pretty cute pretty cute

I decided on “The Royale”

Sip sip

‘Ders and Kiki

Fancy Bloody Mary!

Hello, royale

And we’re out!

Took the scenic route to tour through Logan Square

The ORIGINAL Father and Son restaurant?!?! Coooo

The gray skies are my favorite

Tweedy lost in Chicago


A snow sign! So cool!

Grabbed a few beers before heading up for a Settlers of Catan game

It’s been so nice to see Kiki’s side of Chicago, experiencing a “lazy” Sunday and getting away from the downtown.

Obsessed with the kitties. Haven’t hugged an animal in almost a week.

I was second place. SO CLOSE. (I’m red)

Simple, but surprisingly fun game. Especially if you’re drinking mimosas.

Plus it gets everybody screaming random things like “bomb! Dragon! Splooge!”

And who could forget this classic, SPOONS!

Back out to the city! Decided to walk to our next venue, meeting up with my friend Colee that I’ve known since elementary school.



I think “Windy City” really means that somehow things get stuck up in a lot of trees really high up

There’s no stairs.

LOOK at this light

The Whistler! And their amazing packing peanuts + fan window

Known for their fancy ass cocktails

Here to “play test” a new Cards Against Humanity deck. And I got my favorite card! “A Falcon with a Cap on Its Head”


Friends since we were 5!

Good friendship moments all around

Also learned to play Slap 45, another newish game

Lots of slapping and shouting, that’s how you know it’s a good game.


Stopping for food at Revolution Brewery.

Duck grilled cheese WUT

Run for the Lyft!

Back to the airbnb hood

Cute little attic room.

Airbnb host has this adorable dog

Setting up to watch the premiere of GAME OF THRONES!

Nailed it

Somehow it’s only 11 am, but I’m exhausted.

Thanks Chicago and Kiki for a fun day!

Another ADIML in Chicago coming soon.

Much love friends.

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