This is Saturday, February 7, 2015! (PART 2)
Part 1 is here. Here’s the rest of the day, which starts with exploring Ai Wei Wei’s exhibition at Alcatraz and ends on an air mattress. Fun stuff in between too!





We were able to go up into the hospital portion of the prison because of the @Large exhibition by Ai Wei Wei.

Normally closed to the public, but so so eerily awesome to explore

Prison hospital showers, Illumination by Wei Wei.

Porcelain flowers. Read more about Blossom.

Dramatic lighting


We left to find the second half of the @Large exhibition

It started to rain as we were wandering outside!

Safe haven in the New Industries building, made to contain a clothing factory, dry cleaning plant, furniture plant, brush factory, and an office where the prisoners (who were well behaved) could work for money.

You could view Refraction from the gun galleries in this building. Gun galleries were a part of the “security” mechanism of the prison. Few guards meant they were separated from the prisoners in a birds eye gun gallery. Guns = away from prisoners too.


With Wind, a huge dragon kite that swirls and weaves through the whole front room of the New Industries building.

More of the kites

A photogenic space

Hard to imagine this space filled with laundry baskets and clothes

Last looks

Through the door

Trace, lego portraits of 176 political prisoners incarcerated today.




“United States Penitentiary. Alcatraz Island, area 12 acres, 1 1/2 miles to transport dock, only government boats permitted, others must keep off 200 years. NO ONE ALLOWED ASHORE WITHOUT A PASS”

Happy to escape

Minds expanded, hair wet, and legs a bit jelly…time to roll out.

Happy to have clear skies again

Urge to touch

Maybe the wardens house?

Smug dude

Spotted, dog in a jacket

Back to land. Some of my favorite ladies all together in one place. Isn’t life great sometimes!

Goodbye, Alcatraz island

Rachel being a model

Everything a shade of gray

Sneaky photo of our tourist shot…we were in a blue tent hence the tint


Sharing an uber through the city

San Francisco street scenes

You see her werkin’

At Zeitgeist

Sharing a pitcher

Riley and Elmo came to hang!

Aryn bb

Enjoying a bomb grilled cheese sandwich.

What next?

Rachel and I were left behind to find ourselves a $5 rideshare.

Not too hard. Rachel’s an expert.

We actually beat Riley to his own place

Chilled for a little before heading out to a place around the corner with some billiards and foosball

So lovely to walk in the city


A three legged pooch

“This totally describes our relationship!!!!”

At the Page!

This is the place where Rachel and I discovered how fun foosball is

Brings me back to my days at the youth center, when I was trying to learn pig latin and play foosball

Also attempting to teach Zuli how to properly hit a pool ball

And guac from the restaurant nextdoor. Deliiiicious

By the time we left it was dark! (Already!!)

Have you heard of Wakie? You set an alarm and then within the app somebody is tasked to wake you up. You get a call on your phone and it’ll be somebody in another time zone. We woke up somebody in the UK. He was friendly

Goodbye hilly San Francisco

Off to Oakland, eating gummies in the backseat

Beautiful! I wish to come back during the day.

At a place called Portal to meet up with Kass.

Eagle eye

Delicious brussel sprouts. I love when they are burnt on the edges…just me?

Foggy car

Back over the bridge

Safely up to Lauren’s house

Finally home! It’s been a looooong day.

Grey and grey pajama look. So chic.

On the air mattress before midnight…

*ahhh* lovely day.

Much love friends.

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