Plus photographs made in and around the videos. A context for the videos! Kind of.

I invited Gabbz to hit up the museum with me and she showed up and looked like a lil’ angel.

Inside of “a giant flan” aka Richard Serra’s “Band” at LACMA.

A view of the Modern Kimono show at LACMA in their Japanese Pavilion. I love this building, the light, the textures, the surprise and folds of the layout…

The Getty Center at sunset, right before the Kan Wakan concert.

Totally different crowd than the usual families, tourists and older folks during the day.

Kan Wakan killin’ it at the last Saturdays Off the 405.

A bit of a cooler evening. Reflective of my mood!

Goodbye, Roll N’ Rye! I’m so sad to say bye to this local deli. 51 years in business. *Sigh*

I can’t imagine what’s going to replace it. I must admit it did cry. A little! A few tears. I’m bad with all kinds of goodbyes. It just feels different to know that such a comforting place will no longer exist in my routine, in my area…and it was one of the first places I tried when I moved over to the Westside.

Scary face, the last time enjoying their matzo ball soup.

But happiness! Megan is back in LA (she used to intern with me at the Getty) and her kitteeeehh, Cash.

He’s just a little wild kitty.

Totally a feisty dude, with an attitude. He reminds me of Tubby at that age!

Taking the Gabrielino Trail to a waterfall. (That unfortunately was dry when we got there)

It was a pretty empty trail, which was surprising because we were dummies that headed out at 11 AM.




Some pretty gross water…


The hike itself was only 2 hours or so.

Along the trail are a bunch of cabins and outhouses. I wonder if these are to rent or if people live here.


Catching some shade

Megan against the world!

Afterwards we stopped at the Glendale Galleria for some fancy pho. Megan’s is curry flavored.

And my dinner! *YUuuUuUuUuum*

I hope you enjoy 30 Seconds, and maybe this post provides a little more context for what is just a memory dump of my mind into video form for no particular reason.

Much love friends.

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