My Week in Photos: January 27 to February 2
Coming back to work after a winter wonderland adventure proved challenging, but catch up time with friends and taking it easy nursing a slight cold wasn’t half bad. Also SUPERBOWL party and LOTS of food.

Got back from Utah on Monday morning and had to head straight to work.
Managed to slip a bird I got in Utah (recognize him!) into my former Christmas “tree”.

My awesome co-worker knows I love pugs. What a welcome back!

The colder weather followed me from Utah. I don’t have any scientific proof of this – but I feel like the sunsets became extra luminous and beautiful in the colder days.

Keyboard Cat, RIP! Been slowly working on thank you note watercolors over the months.

Now that it’s not completely pitch black when I leave the office around 6, I can comfortably walk down the hill from the Getty Center to the parking lot.

Another cotton candy sky.

Having some distracted days at work, feeling perhaps a bit under the weather and pretty sleepy.

I have most Wednesdays off of work (thank god for my lovely work schedule), but this Wednesday I was feeling a bit tired, maybe on the verge of illness.

Never had a chance to paint or draw in college (besides in intro classes) so I’ve been curious to do some wall work.

Read an essay, watched some Louie, relaxed with pups.

Been really into this salad. It’s really easy! Baby arugula, cucumbers, Parmesan cheese (and croutons if you wish). It’s a bit savory and crunchy and lovely. Dressing is a little olive oil.

When I’m at work, I often buy lunch in the cafe. They have $5 employee deals and it comes with a drink. Lately I’ve been having a second round of coffee. I think that’s not good.

Went to the Getty Villa (the other site for the Getty) in Malibu for a location scout for an upcoming shoot.
The new video producer took on all the technical work, I’m still getting used to not having to do 100% of the process alone.

Foggy day makes for a pretty empty Villa.

Zach has been re-stringing his guitars and showing off.

I also have been shooting some freelance gigs. Had a job this Thursday that was pretty large in scale.

Found a songza station that makes ambient coffee shop noises…I highly recommend it.
I’m a person who needs background noise to be very productive, and this really helped.

Left work a bit early (around 4) to get home and work on an article…for work.
I just happened to bring the book I needed home with me, so I had to get home to finish it up.
It’s about Degas’ sketchbook in the Getty’s collection!

Scary #selfie

The sky was particularly lovely on this walk down the hill.

Gabby came over after work and we ordered thai food, caught another episode of American Horror Story and then played some N64 Mario Party 3. I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Which never happens)

Saturday morning Twinnings Everyday Tea (which I had shipped from England, as they DON’T SELL IT IN STORES HERE)

Went over to Alyssa’s house for brunch and episode 3 of Sherlock!

Alyssa nailing it with the french press coffee.


Facetimed with Aryn, so we had some kitty Facetime action.

Kudos to Alyssa, everything was so tasty. I was spoiled.

After breakfast and a surprisingly weird episode of Sherlock, we hopped into the car and headed to Little Tokyo.
We stopped at a coffee shop to re-caffeinate.

And of course had to swing by Cafe Dulce to get some special treats.

Original intent was to explore the Art Book Fair at MOCA. It was just so overwhelmingly crowded, I was flustered. I said a quick hello to my friend Iris who was working a book, took a look through each aisle, but didn’t buy anything. Last year I found some great things! I’m a little disappointed in myself, but I just wanted fresh air.

And so we got fresh air.
Watched some cute babies run around the plaza and up and down the stairs in front of the Japanese American National Museum.

For dinner, we stopped at Bento Man on 1st.
I got a spicy beef bowl to go!

Zach asked for a ride to the moped shop where we dropped his bike. They were doing repairs for a while.
The bike is named “Ruth”.

I went back to Alyssa’s wearing my new kitty slippers from a shop in Little Tokyo.
And there’s Alyssa’s kitty HISTORY!

Watched Alan and Alyssa play a LOT of Just Dance 3. I was losing energy quickly.

Saw my parents in the morning for breakfast.
They dropped off Yoko, who will be staying with me this week.

My dad being cool.

Gabby came over shortly after to start prep for Superbowl Sunday treats.

Working on all kinds of treats.

I also made spam musubi! And some onion dip. Zach made guacamole. Gabby made the queso.

And soon homemade chicken nuggets and brussel sprouts joined the mix!

All so pumped for the Superbowl.

Everybody swarming the snack table.

Sufi and James having a moment.

Made some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for the end of the game.

The game was pretty boring (SORRY WORLD), but it was so fun to have all my friends over and rowdy.
Oh and of course the puppy bowl. That was highlight. For sure.

And thaaat was this week at a glance!

Much love friends.

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