Lyon, Pollionnay and Paris, France (in part) – September 2012
Gray skies, warm rooftops, saturated greens; eyes in France.

A few views of Lyon, France.
The remnants of a croissant and other things!

A bus stop towards the countryside, into Pollionnay.

Practically sized vehicle

A glimpse into suburban living

Except in a place that doesn’t have advertisements pouring into your sockets and road rage from all directions

There’s is a place called Craponne

Patchwork asphalt

All the landforms seem to have personality here


New friends

And the rooms of old ones

Goodnight, Pollionnay. Storybook closed.

The next day I found myself in the warm, intimate apartment of my dear friend Lena.

Even though she was finishing her Masters degree in the center of Paris, Lena gladly welcomed me to Europe and into her home in Paris!
(Miss you, Leenie!)

While I was fighting jetlag, she was off at the local cafe grabbing treats and making tea!

There she is, goddess of the morning light and pourer of fruit juice!
We studied together at Roehampton in London in Spring of 2011 and just can’t get enough of each other.

The stairs of her flat are majestic (and narrow!)

Into the world we go!

She takes me down some of her favorite passageways through the city.

Beautiful sun in late September!

A happy Lena!

Historically suspicious signage

In the shadow of the Pantheon!

Lines and forms and shapes and oh gosh

Wearing her skirt she bought in LA when she visited me!

Organized nature, Parisian style

Performance art

Them greens

Gotta love birds on sculptures on birds

Oh the fresh air.

Farewell, park

Lena takes me to her new favorite discovery.

The Abbey Bookshop, lined from ceiling to floor with books.

Hide and seek

…and I bid you goodbye for now.

Much love friends.

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