Japan in Squares 
My film coverage of my summer trip to Japan!Tokyo, Japan, 2010

Sleeping arrangements

Mother waits for father

Creases and crevices

“I’m in my fat shirt today.”

Back alley bicycle

Half submerged pebbles

Sensoji Temple directions

Two women waiting by the Sensoji Temple

Kimono window display


Fresh sushi breakfast at the Tsukiji Fish Market

Five am fish

Blue fog in the Japan morning sky

Where we rest

Guarding the city


Sketching by the palace moat

Imperial gardens


Kyoto, Japan, 2010

Opening day deals

In Passing

Coin bags

On her lunch break

Picking up the dry cleaning

Waving goodbye

Catching crabs

Passing crabs

Over the shoulder glancing

Cold and warm

Mountain side scrutiny

Zen Buddhist rock gardens

They smile

Red stripes


Two steps down

On deck

Pond speckles

Out the window

With the window

Ray and Janice

Miyajima, Japan, 2010

Wet sand

Support for a clam digger

He’s digging

During low tide

For clams

While we watch

Hiroshima, Japan, 2010

Sadako and schoolchildren

Field trip

Sadako in the sky

The A-Bomb dome

Kamakura, Japan, 2010

[must take picture here]

The man

Back to Tokyo, Japan

Morning foot traffic

Orange residential garage

Back yard clutter


Last breakfast

Cups and bowls


Glass panes

Tea cups

Karaoke plans

Here was a general look at my trip to Japan

All of this is medium format film scanned.

Much love friends.


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By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog

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