This week I’m spoiled with food and friendship. Sake Dojo opens and I eat so much halibut nigiri, then Zach’s cousin’s visit from Utah and we eat everything from oysters to Korean BBQ. I snuggle cats on Sunday night while we Scrabble at Selina’s.




The Internet can feel so cluttered and full of words and photos that sometimes if I feel extra unoriginal and extra unthoughtful, and I don’t want my words and photos to add to the din. Apologies in advance.






I’m a disorganized person. Should I get a journal or organizing thing? I get the sense that nobody really ever feels “caught up” but lately I’m just pushing priorities around the days of the week until a new week starts. How do I get on top of my shit…




I’m really motivated in the mornings, but by evening time I am exhausted. But not the real kind of exhausted—I don’t have too many responsibilities, just two little dogs’ lives to manage, keeping up with friends, calling my mom often enough—but I’m so sleepy.

Recently, I have been joking that the only thing that motivates me is not letting other people down.





This past week was full of bad things in the news, and good things IRL, a dark conundrum that has haunted the past year I suppose.

This week a friend’s dad’s new restaurant opened in Little Tokyo, Zach’s cousins visited from out of state, and we ate out basically every night. I’m feeling drained, but in the most positive way. When you feel that you’ve treated yourself a little too much, it’s a good kind of guilt.





Los Angeles has been smelling like jasmine for the last few weeks. It’s the time of year where my allergies should be in full force but somehow my eczema is under control. Margie said in Utah, jasmine is expensive to buy because it grows terribly there. Appreciating jasmine extra now.




My goals this week are to edit photos and get some Southeast Asia or Rome photos on this blog. I can’t let my disorganization and lack of energy get in the way.  I’m going to try to not overbook myself, and plan time to do normal life maintenance. *I will try* It helps to know if you are looking forward to seeing something, do you (yes, you reading, does anybody read this besides me? Hi if you do!) have a preference?

Which would you rather see first? Post about Thailand or post about Rome?



We ate 38 oysters the first night Zach’s cousins were in town. $1 oysters from a place in Santa Monica that I went with Kiki and Anders to a few months back. How can oysters be so cheap and delicious and plentiful? I think about the poor person who has to shuck the oysters. The restaurant must go through thousands in a night, especially with the $1 deal. Are their fingers okay? Wrists? Carpal tunnel? Does their doctor warn them that they need to stop shucking oysters or their wrists will never be strong again? Just wondering.






Whenever I see ceramics I like, I try to snap a photo. I’ll never be able to recreate most of these beautiful pieces, but now I can’t look at a seemingly “simple” bowl the same way after trying and failing to create my own pieces in pottery class.





This week Kiki sent me an article that said that Edna Mode was half Japanese and half German, and for some reason that detail uplifted my soul. I’m excited for Incredibles 2 to come out. Do you live in the US? Go see Incredibles 2. Zach has a bet that Incredibles 2 will beat Solo and Jurassic World in the box office this summer, let’s use our movie going dollars for good…







Zach has been in a Star Wars parody musical that requires some creative hair putty. It was the final weekend and the hair putty gods blessed us with this accidental Wolverine look.


Korean bbq at JJUKKU JJUKKU, second week in a row. Maybe it’s the summer air, but it feels like we should all be grilling all of the time.

Zach’s mom bought us a lot of tea for the holidays and when he mentioned that we loved the tea and were sad we were running low, we received a box with so much tea that it is now overflowing in the cabinet.





In clearing space for this air mattress for Zach’s cousins to stay in the workroom, I was alarmed by the amount of stuff that has accumulated in there. I need to go through and clean out drawers and organize again before it gets too out of hand. (It’s already too out of hand).









When I get the feeling that I hate what I look like in a photo, I’m trying to post it anyways. Because that’s my profile, my “real” face. And that is me enjoying Marlin the cat as he struggles to get away from my smothering attention.






This format was slightly different, but a slower way for me to go through last week and pick out what my brain has been frazzled about and what caught my memory’s eye. If you are just here for the photos, I’m impressed! I feel like I’ve been so repetitive recently. I’m bored with myself.

Hope you have a great week, stay healthy, wear sunscreen, etc.

Much love friends.

Posted by:sarahwaldo

By day I'm a content producer at an arts org in Los Angeles, by night I am the overly apologetic brain and face of sleepywaldo.blog


  1. Hello!

    Don’t apologize! I enjoy all of your posts and photos. Plz never stop posting. /creep

    I would love to see the rest of your thailand photos. I’m planning a trip there in August and your previous posts were so helpful. You sold me on the overnight train to Chang Mai! (I don’t mean to add to the pressure ●_●) Obvs I don’t know you in the real world, but I get the sense that you don’t give yourself enough credit. I am always impressed by your work. I have to-do lists that have been following me around for years. It makes me feel dumb but i guess it’s just like that sometimes? Ugh, idk. Sorry if this is weird! Haha

    Internet rando,


    1. August! I have one more (well, two more I guess) posts that are in Thailand. I think I can definitely get that up for you before your trip. I’m so excited you’re taking the train! I wish I could redo that journey, it was so fun.

      And thank you for your words, seriously. Not creepy or weird! Truly something I needed to read.


  2. Been following you since Livejournal days. I think it was a Day in the Life where I first saw your posts, you were training for some hike, Yosemite maybe? I live in SF and have screamed when I’ve seen pics that are literally in my neighborhood. Don’t get down on yourself, many people enjoy your photos and have been following you for years!! 🙂


    1. Ah yes, my Yosemite high school trip. Pretty emotional trip when you get a hundred 18 year-olds together and put them in the wilderness to bond. Good memory, you have!

      Thank you for your words.


  3. Hi! I’m still here (from your LiveJournal ADIMLs in high school haha). I love seeing your weekly photos of your day-to-day life, even if it is, as you say, “repetitive”. To me it gives me escapism from my third-world-country existence and other issues in my life, haha. I like that you’re more reflective in this post, as it kind of shows a more “real” side of you, but I hope you feel better soon! Count me in for another vote for your Thailand pics. Loving your content no matter what you post!


    1. Hello, friend! High school seems so recent but also like it was 50 years ago! When I had to go through all my posts when I transferred everything to this blog…I was…so…whiny! Maybe all teenagers with online journals are. I can’t believe anybody wanted to read my posts…so I’m so stunned you are still here today!

      Grateful for your words.


  4. Hi from a long-time lurker (ADIML livejournal days) who routinely reads your blog! I love seeing your posts and photos – I don’t do much outside of work and the gym, so I try to get ideas for activities from your posts and get inspired to make more after-work plans. I totally understand feeling like you’re in a rut (I’m currently feeling like that myself); hoping that passes for both of us. Sending good vibes your way.

    Would love to see a Rome post first, but have thoroughly enjoyed your Thailand posts as well. Super helpful input, eh?

    Hope you have a good week!


    1. Thank you for your comment! I know that adulthood is like…75% going to work, especially with a typical 9-5 job. But it’s kind of mind-blowing that so much of life is expected to be spent like that. It’s a wonder we can do anything at all beyond work hah. I’m still chewing on that thought…

      I think I’ll go with *both* trips! Satisfy all friends. And it’s been fun to switch back and forth while editing.


  5. I am a faithful reader of yours and I find your photos inspiring. You’ve helped me become a better photographer and “seer” of the world. The first photo of the koi pond is so beautiful. I had to scroll back to it and stare at it for a while.

    I’d love to see pics of either Thailand or Rome.


  6. Hi Sarah!
    I’ve been a long time lurker since LJ and only started to comment recently.
    Please don’t stop posting or get unmotivated. I think think it’s amazing how you pour all this time and energy into posting your photos for strangers on the internet so consistently!!
    I always look forward to your posts and get excited when there’s a new one. I never thought they were repetitive after all these years.
    I hope you are ok, your tone was quite sad in this post. Take some time to re-charge your introverted self and start fresh 🙂 you will get out of this funk!
    Would love to see Thailand photos first.
    PS don’t forget you are smart, creative, and so cute (even that profile)!


  7. Heya!

    I’ve been following/lurking you since the Livejournal ADIML days. I remember seeing your post in that LJ community and getting excited because you and I graduated high school in the same year. I’ve always loved your posts and photos because you take so much time and energy to document your life, no matter if it was good or bad.

    Funks happen! Don’t let it get you down!

    I’d love to see your Rome photos!


  8. I feel ya on feeling unoriginal with all of the noise of the internets. Also, I love your efforts to post photos you don’t love of yourself. I wish i was better at that. Isn’t it funny how we each see our own face compared to how others see it?

    I’m going to be in LA the week of June 11 and I’ve never been. Do you think the Jasmine will still be blooming? I’d love to smell it. Also, any recommendations for restaurants to try? Or I really want to go to a scenic beach. But have no idea how which ones are scenic so if you have any thoughts there, I’d love to hear them. If not, no worries, don’t want to add to your already long list of obligations.


    1. Thank you for your words. Sorry it’s taken me so long to answer! This is the week of June 11…so that means you are here in LA! I hope you are having a great time. The jasmine is still blooming, can you smell it?

      El Matador, it’s a bit far up into Malibu, but the rocks are so cool, and it’s like down some stairs and feels like a private little cove.
      Leo Carrillo is also up by El Matador, there’s tidepools and rocks and a doggie beach too.

      Really depends what part of town you are in, cuz I’m sure you won’t want to drive all over to eat.
      If you’re near San Gabriel Valley, Boiling Point, Din Tai Fung, Mama Lu’s, Newport Seafood
      If you’re in downtown: Cole’s French Dip (try the spicy garlic fries), Grand Central Market, Ace Hotel Roof Bar (for views especially), Bestia if you wanna be fancy
      If near Little Tokyo: Far Bar for happy hour, daikokuya or shin sen gumi for ramen, gazen or sake dojo for izakaya, fugetsu-do for mochi! There’s also lots of breweries in the arts district part of downtown, my favorite is BoomTown.

      I can tell you more based on where you are. Hope you are enjoying!


  9. Everyone feels a little disorganised sometimes! I still love your posts. I would love to see more Thailand photos.

    My life got a LOT disorganised in March; I got in a car accident, and it derailed a lot of my plans (I’m fine by the way). I have a planner, but I wasn’t using it effectively, but I decided to buckle down and really use it. It’s been really helpful to really write down what needs doing. Have you tried bullet journalling? Just a simple one, but you’re so creative I’m sure you can add artistic details.

    You’re awesome! Thanks for letting us peek into your life. Like the other commentators, I’ve been reading your posts since Livejournal, and your life has turned out so lovely. Be well.


    1. Omigosh, so sorry to hear about the car accident. Scary! And I’m sure an unexpected unhappy thing that you had to deal with. Strength to you.

      I’ve heard of bullet journaling, I’ll see what it is all about. From my understanding, it requires a level of craft skill, but maybe I’m just overthinking how cute it needs to look versus how practical is should be…

      Thank you for reading and commenting, I appreciate you taking the time! Makes me happy not to be shouting into a void hah.


      1. The original bullet journal is definitely not cute at all; people do embellish theirs a lot. And thank you, it was a shake up but I wasn’t seriously injured and it cured my vertigo.


  10. Hi Sarah!

    I’m another long time lurker from your highschool days on LJ.

    I absolutely love your posts and look forward to them every week. Your posts have been a window to a world I will probably never see and your days and activities are inspiring me to do more.

    You are amzing and it makes me soo happy to see your life turned out so great.

    Loooooots of love all the way from Croatia!



  11. I’d love more Rome pictures – you capture things so well and it’s been ages since I’ve been there but your pictures make things come alive 🙂


  12. There seems to be a theme in your comments section for this post. I, too, am a long time lurker from LJ. I’ve always enjoyed checking out your posts. You live life like a normal person, which is so refreshing when everyone on social media is just putting forth their highlight reel. My vote is for your Thailand photos! And as for the organizational stuff, maybe check out bullet journaling. I go in and out of phases with it, but when I’m IN, I find it immensely helpful. Because it’s so free form, I think you would adapt to it amazingly, and I would be super interested in seeing what you create.


    1. Hi Elaine! Many thanks for your words. I appreciate all my so-called “lurkers” ha, I’m still amazed that folks made the leap to come to check out this wordpress all the way from LJ.

      I think you’ve touched on something that I’ve been thinking about—just being “normal.” I sometimes think, why bother, being average isn’t a gift to others, it’s not fun to see. But hey, living life isn’t always traveling and having fun activities to do, or having genius insights to share…we’re all a work in progress.

      A few folks have mentioned bullet journaling. I’ll have to see what it’s all about!


  13. Heyyoo!

    Hope you’re doing okay. I loved your post, as usual. Looking forward to browsing the one after this haha.

    I can relate to a lot of what you seem to be going through in this post– feeling frazzled, can’t stay on top of things, etc. Even people relying on me doesn’t seem to spurr me forward… which is why I’m current in CBT, so that’s… great. You have a lot of great and supportive people around you and you are also great so everything will be fine.

    RE Thailand and Rome, I’d get like to see Rome 🙂 I’ve been there before and it woul dbe really interesting to see more of it/the same parts through someone else’s eyes.


    1. Hiiiihoooo—thank you for your words. I’ll get cracking on more Rome. I hope CBT is working out for you, that’s a big important thing to prioritizing your mental health. Proud of you from afar!


  14. Hi Sarah! Apologies for always commenting late on your photos, truth is, I too have been so frazzled lately but I always find your posts relaxing and worth waiting for, that’s why I delay opening a new post until I haven’t completely immersed myself in your last post (hence only seeing this now!)

    Love your old format and love this format as well, reminds me of otherjoseph. Your profile is so beautiful though! Personally I prefer Thailand because I’m a very chronological kind of person, and yay! Because I saw that you posted Thailand 😀


  15. Hey Sarah! I’ve been following your posts since you were in high school. You make normal life look so beautiful and bright. I don’t think your posts are repetitive at all – I love seeing people’s normal routines, especially when the world seems so crazy.

    Bullet journaling and writing in a diary has always seemed to me a way to make more work for yourself. Have you read Syllabus, by Lynda Barry? I started doing some pages from that and found it to be way more fun than writing.

    I hope you feel good and break out of your rut. Take care!


    1. Hello other Sarah—thank you for your comment. Apologies it has taken me a while to get back to these. Everybody was so kind, I’m still processing!

      I haven’t read Syllabus, but I’ll check it out! Appreciate your words and recommendation.


  16. I am behind on your blog so I am just seeing this. I hope everything is ok. This post felt sad. I loved the pictures, but the tone of your words made me wonder how things are going. I hope you are just “in a rut” as someone said above. If that’s the case, I hope it passes quickly. Maybe it’s our age? I feel like a lot of my friends (myself included) are kind of feeling this way right now. I don’t care about the order of your posts; I just like reading them.


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